Paleo chocolate chip cookies. 3rd time the charm, hopefully!

Good morning. 2 boiled eggs

Roasted chicken and raw spinach.


Post workout dinner.

Chicken steam hainanese style and raw spinach with pine nuts.

I think today's one looks the best!!!!

Finally. Can give you two to try @strawbee @shalinho

I might not taste as good but at least it looks decent la.

#paleocookies #grainfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #coconutsugar #notbrownsugar #morelikepalmsugar #gulamelakacookies #wohoo #hashtaggery #eatthemwillya #ifitsucksjustchuckthem.

So excited tomorrow!!

Wohoo. Will literally be like the sticker above.

Finally!!! I know what Isaac has been singing about!!!

He keep on "shizijia" I'm like wtf??

Today we passed by St Joseph int otw to his school and there was a cross on the building.

And he pointed to the cross and said "SHIZIJIA"

I just googled it and there you have it!!

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