Pizza for breakfast yo!!

And batman is having carrot cake for breakkie. He so healthy haha. 😸😸

Super duper blur face. Just wouldn't wake up.

Today, Isaac just, cannot.

@doooduuu sunglasses by you.

I brought the failed cookies to work. N I can't stop eating them.



Roasted chicken and raw spinach.

I had the most amazing food. Ribs and chuck flap.

Korean yo, Korean!!

And I feel like I won the lottery & Christmas combine.

Thank you so much @strawbee and @shalinho for your generosity!!

This is super amazing. I cannot describe.

But meeting these two intellect that really made my night.

It's literally us talking about everything and about nothing.

@strawbee you should know that you are an inspiration to an aunty like me! I do love an entrepreneur spirit and the characters you've met in your life has made you the way you are. If only I can be half that you have achieved. Haha. I would be settled for life.

And dear @shalinho the sweet and most level headed person who gives good sound advice.

Ahhhh my life is so much richer listening on your stories. 😍😍😍

Totally enjoyed the girls night out!!!

Cos girls… So must selfie.

You guys, I just jizzed in my pants!!

Pin up girls yo!! Pin up!!

Gonna have some fun admiring them.

EVERYONE!! The famed tea jelly!!!

Hahha. Not your average ntuc jam hor #sorrynotsorry

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