Boring breakfast today.

Fried egg, bacon and lettuce.

Healthy lunch today.

Didn't bring my lunch box.

Wanted to have the crystal jade promo but it ended already!!!

So here at the food court having thunder tea rice and since I need my meat, ordered extra steam chicken from the chicken rice stall.

#hakkamui #leicha #morevegethanvegetarian #lovethisla #pseudochinesebutconfirmveryhakka

We are here!!!

And we ordered aburi sushi already and some grilled stuff!!!

Er omg!

My pictures are equally as bad!! @hansumboi

I Really didn't take pictures of the aburi sushi la!

It really melts in your mouth.

And this ah boy talk so much n eat so slow, I scold him so many times to eat faster!! Hahha.

And Isaac is refusing durians!!

Isaac, we ate red prawn #notprawnstar #anghie and it was good and sweet. Just don't ask us how much it cost! Hehe.

And not jelak as mau sang or butter durian. I think red prawn is my fav species now.

That's all the photos I took le!!!!


Also we feel so honored that we are both @hansumboi first meet up.

I do hope you've enjoyed yourself tonight.

And I hope your dad is ok!

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