Today the eggs were totally fried by the husband and he made coffee too.

And yes @xiive I ate the fun book as well.

My son ate finish the whole bowl of cha Su don minus the egg from ramen play.

Getting his hair did.

The power of Barney the purple dinosaur to keep him still.

TTC progress

Just found out that my last cycle, I experienced a luteal phase defect. 5 days after my ovulation, I had my menses.

Usually menses only will happen after 13-14 days after ovulation.

In this case, my endometrium is not suitable for implantation. If this happens for 3 cycle consecutively, I better go see a gynea ASAP.

BOOHOOOO! #cry #nobaby.

First time since I track ovulation it has happen.

Hah no wonder not so easy get pregnant.

A study showed that taking vit C can improve this.


So many problems but no exact cause.

Hrmmm. Got to do more reading.

And monitor next cycle.

Breakfast today!!

Smoked salmon, eggs and coffee.

Today I had coffee because my dear husband made it for me. Yippee!! And eggs was my mummy!

Philippine style oxtail bone soup.

Mmmm. More comfort food.


Nubbad. Isaac also clean the house.

I think no need the helper already.

Mask Masquerade

My little boss, off to his school party today.

Going as the phantom of the opera. Mask still in the bag.

How? Handsome?


I'm the only mom who totally dressed up her son. #overachiever

Selfie time.

Then cried in the hall asked to be carried.

Don't wan to participate in the games. Don't want to participate in photo taking session.

Only want to go back to classroom and eat.

Only happy back at class.

Eating his fruit sticks because the rest of the snack has eggs, milk or peanut.

All that's left of the fruit sticks.

Nubbad. Quite surprised the kids ate it.

Croissants!!!! Lunch time.

Back at work with loads to do!

My eyes are closing though. Too tired but can't sleep from taking Zyrtec last night.

Fuck la.

I sat next to an aunty who coughed like mad in the bus.

Fuck la.


Comfort food at its best!

Beef stew

Close up.

My mama made it. And it's best ever.

Breakfast in bed.

Ok I lied.

Breakfast on workbench.

Beautiful egg didn't survive the bus ride.

Lunch date for 1 today.

Crystal jade $8.80 set lunch is back.

Worth it I suppose.

My XLB and drink is here. Hungers. And bored.

La mian with shark cartilage soup.

Later gonna go porcelain throne.

Oh got chicken meat in soup. Yeay! Protein.

Lunch was sgd10.70 but I didn't think it was worth it because last month deal was even better!!! 2 full appetizers and la mian. Ok won't come back here till the other deal is back hehe.

And I'm still hungry coz couldn't tolerate the noodle anymore.

Bkt for dinner.

So we are in charge for fruit sticks for his party tomorrow.




Our first prototype.

Really down in a funk this couple of days.

Unexpected blood loss.

Jet lagged couple by traveling tiredness.

And back to work on Monday with go go go stuff to do and settle.

Just got me to be bitchy or something.

And me and my mom are sick now.

Sore throat and runny nose.


Eggs and smoked salmon.

Walked out of the house with Isaac to send him to school. Midway remembered I left my work laptop at home!

Rushed home and now 15 mins late for work. Ok la not too bad. Considering it's Monday.

Tarpaued lunch today.

Nasi uduk with black pepper chicken thigh.

Ohh class is almost over.

Let's see who I can see outside.

Hey I spot daddy!!

Hi daddy!!! I'm so happy you came to pick me up from school.

Quick quick. Run out the door to get to him.

My momma made curry chicken and stir fry spinach. And that Isaac pork belly bakuteh on the side.


Feel like sleeping, but mummy duty beckons.

This Wednesday, Isaac school has a mask masquerade.

Wish me luck decorating his mask to be "macho". Hope he likes it

In process.

Daddy's love and effort. 😍

Not bad right!!!

Looks like a lion in the end!!

But never again!!

How do those girls do it?? Stick all the bling bling.

I'm looking at you here @jayelleenelial

And this is just a boy. Imagine if I have a girl!!


Good morning everybody!

Breakfast al fresco by the balcony filled with washed clothes from the trip. Haha.

Back at our neighborhood French cafe.

Having 3 course set.

Isaac having raisin bagel and French fries. #carbloading

He finished the whole bagel and 4/5 of the fries.

Mummy is having fish n chips because it comes with a side of chips for Isaac.

Hehhe #throwback Macau.

On the last night we went all touristy and took random pics.

I is a fallen angel. With a cute son.

Galaxy hotel in the background. And our derpy faces.

In the old Tai Pa village.

Steps going down to the village.

Us on the taipa village steps

With the Portuguese owner of the restaurant.

Super hamsup. Kept caressing my waist and giving it a squeeze. Haha.
Forgivable because he super friendly and food is nice. Speaks very good Cantonese as well.

Dragon in the city of dreams.

Our hotel on one of the nights it didn't rain.

Can u see us?

Tourist shots.

Galaxy hotel crystals.

Really pretty but couldn't capture all of it.

Hehehe I love this derpy face. Taken in the area near Sands Macau hotel.

Daddy is home!!!

And we are gonna eat teriyaki chicken don as requested by lil fler!

My gifts from U.S!

Luggage bag, wristlet, cardholder, 2 automated umbrellas and 1 naughty book!

The book is my favorite!! Hehe.

Checked in for our flight back.

Can't wait to go home!!

Arrived safely

Flight was quite turbulent. Isaac refuse to buckle n screamed his head off as usual.

I do have anxiety flying and flying with uncooperative child makes it worse.

I just thank god we landed safely. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

Day 5 Macau

Manage to pay a visit to the old town of Tai pa village.

It's located at Rua do Cunha

Yes all our shots are at night haha

Found a Portuguese restaurant which was highly recommended by trip advisor.

Was first bread roll which my mom thoroughly enjoyed. So fresh and soft. N warm

Love the nautical deco. It's a very quaint shop. Easily missed.

Appetizers of clams. So yummy. Mom and me polished it off.

Roasted suckling pig. So soft. Fries so nice. Went cold di also soft.

Grilled codfish in garlic n olive oil.

Shared a small jug of sangria.

Close up of the suckling pig.

Dessert of caramel flan. Bittersweet. Bitterness comes from the burnt sugar.

Walked around more n took pics of the pretty Portuguese town.

Prancing around in the square.

My workshop is officially over today.

Heading back to Singapore tomorrow. Woot.

Day 4 Macau

Today's wrist situation.

Chinaman eating chicken rice in Venice city. Haha.

Today finally finished meeting before the sunset!

Took both Isaac and my mom out for dinner!

We went to explore the hotel and mall a little bit more.

Having some Chinese dinner.

XO sauce fried cheong fun.

Yuck. Haha seriously I can't tolerate Chinese food.

And dim sum.

Only picked this place because it's pretty reasonably priced for Venetian Macau.

Haven't had Macanese curry crab yet.

Yesterday, me and Isaac at the St. Paul's ruin.

Having the famous Portuguese tart for after meal snack.

I can't Chinese food. 😷

Going out to explore!

Us in the pool area

Isaac, say cheese la.

Being all moody because we didn't bring his swim wear down with us when we went and check out the pool.

I thought it was raining and it would be cold!

Turns out they have a heated pool!

So I promised him that we will go tomorrow! And we will!

Day 3 Macau

Walking through the empty foodcourt this morning.

Loving the clouds.

Went to Senoda square after my meeting ended.

It took 1 hour by shuttle bus from where we are to the destination.

It was raining heavily and my suede shoes are ruined.

Had dinner at Senoda square of some famous crab porridge.

It was nice. Something different.

Haven't had a chance to have Portuguese cuisine yet.

Also went to St. Paul's ruins.

In heavy rain we go.

Bought some pastries and cabut balik.

Walked around with my boss and colleagues who then stop by at Yu shun steam milk shop.

Famous in HK as well.

Mum had a portion of steam milk. Very smooth and silky.

Day 2 Macau

Throwback to yesterday.

Staying in the hotel Venetian Macao.

The entrance of main lobby.


The foyer I think.

The gallery.

All this taken when I just stepped in.

Whilst walking to our hotel room, we bump into this Venetian guy. Faster take photo.

It's quite complicated. After checking in through the main lobby, you've to walk across the mall to go to your hotel suite. Took us a while to navigate where it was!

Passed by the Casino too to get to our hotel suites.

The Venetian is design for you to deposit your money as you walk along to your suite. Haha.

Oh under 21 is banned! So me and Isaac and my mom had to take the non-casino route. Good for us I suppose!

Arrived in our royal suite.

Big la.

The fella was running around happily.

The living room, study and dining.

Steps to the above mentioned area.

The toilet. But can't take each section. Too big.

It has its own dressing table too.

Today was a full day of lectures back to back

So no picture was taken.

We did have a very yummy dinner for our reception at the Portifino restaurant. It was Italian!

Couldn't eat the pasta! 😞

It was a 6-7 course dinner!

Appetizer of grilled veg and cheese. The round thing initially I thought was a sausage, but turned out to be some Cheese grilled.

Pasta in tomato based sauce with artichoke.

Had 2 mouths full because had to more than taste it. Texture very al dente. Taste wise not my liking though.

Lentil soup.

Yuck. Only had 1 spoon for taste. Not my thing.

This was teally yummy.

Chicken breast with spinach and on bed of mash.

Didn't like this. The mascarpone is too "whipped cream" like in texture. Yuck.


Not enough so had to er taupau polo bun pork chop from the food court below!!!

Omnyomnyom. Yummy la.

So far so good!!

The place is fully wifi-ed. Free wifi everywhere even on the shuttle bus.

Haven't explored yet as I've seen the the meeting rooms only and the food court.

Went looking for the famous egg tart but it's obviously sold out by the time my meeting is done.

From my job perspective, it's a pretty interesting meeting so far.

I'm also very excited on all the new pipelines in store for us.

I'm even more excited that our GM for our region is very into career development!!

So I can expect more career progression and exposure if I stay longer here! And the culture is amazing. It is sooooo people and patient orientated on top of being very quality driven.

Profits are important, but patient access is their main concern. I love the comp for this value

I also approached my global policy person and let her know that if there is an opportunity for me to learn, and intern on project base with her, to let me know.

Haha she wanted me to start immediately but I told her I'm interning at the marketing side now!!

She said she'll keep in mind if there are other opportunities! Wohooo.

So excited for more experiences.

Policy is where we make changes with government level for regulatory purposes.

Not greedy

I just want to learn as much as I can!

Day 1: Macau

At his favorite place, doing his favorite activity!!

Good morning everybody!

We are going to Macau today!!

Pray for a good flight for us and that Isaac will behave and nap onboard!

As the helper is away and daddy is in U.S., I'll be traveling with my mom @maryannsee to help me with Isaac.

I'll be having back to back workshop and training until Friday.

So she would be a great help. Hope the weather holds up and they can go swimming loads!!

Luckily were staying at one of the hotel with the biggest mall so I hope they will not be bored! Will try to pop by during lunch time!

Giving some attitude.

Toddnager are the worse!

No la mummy, I can be smiley and nice if I want to, okay?

Yeah! We got on to our shuttle bus to he hotel.

And Isaac super excited because the hotel bus is blue in colour.

First proper breakfast since helper left!!!

It couldn't be done without my mom! Thanks @maryannsee!

Nothing can go wrong with bacon and eggs. I finished everything!

Visited @yellojelloo Blueprint Emporium.

The cuff I like she said no size. Boohoo. Wait lo!!

I love this evening gown qibao too. Totally my style.

The decor at the event. Sui ah.

So "fashion" and I felt kind of out of place.

Sumore carrying Isaac in the ergo carrier cos he fell asleep when we arrived.

So "aunty". The hipster designer don't even want to layan me.

I love this shop a lot.

It's all python skin bags and accessories.

Spent some money there too.

Saw this booth.

I love the crocodile skin knapsack.

But nobody there and didn't wan to ask.

Hehe my mummy @maryannsee modeling her new bag.

So sweee. Totally eyed it when I saw it.

Jumbo python skin. Red. What more can I say.

#quendoline #blueprint

I suddenly feel so "fashion" after going there hehe.

And loving my loots too. Don't want to show here later ppl say I show off.

@doooduuu thanks for making me an ahlian!!!

Finally painted my toenails with the nail art neon 3D thingy you gave me the other day! It's by Ciate too!

But sorry ah. My feet and toes dam ugly.

@hotcakes I can haz home pedicure too. Hehe.

Leftover for dinner!

Clearing out our fridge!!

Going to Macao tomorrow.

Red wine braised beef cheeks, avocado and some greens.

Just wanted to record down the texture.


Love this the most.

Totally fit into the native look.
Yea I look native! Not pan-Asian. Just native. Urang Sabah sana ranauuuuu!

@ilovehoneystars got ah?

It's so cold tonight!

I'm hugging Isaac to sleep. Toddlers are like furnaces. They exude heat!! But thankful for it today.

Isaac’s first Sports Day!

It's sports day!

I hope I win some prize.

Hmmm strategy thinking. How do I run faster than my peers.

First relay!

And he failed majestically!!

I had to drag him from start to finish!!!

He was spooked as usual. A total scardy cat.

Close up of his embarrassment.

Almost there!!

After the first relay for everyone from pre nursery to kindergarten 2, they adjourned for snack time!!

It was a blessing for parents with cranky kids and there were a lot of them, mine being the biggest cranko!!

But he was so happy to be back in his classroom he fed himself oats happily when all his other classmates had normal food. Allergy child so poor thing cannot eat what other ppl are having. Not even ice cream. Nvm la. Mummy also can't have ice cream. But I bet it was yummy

2nd relay

After filling up their tummy and cooled off in the aircon class room, it was time for the second relay.

We then adjourned back to the sweltering hall for the next public embarrassment.

2nd relay was much much much better than expected.

He was so cheerful and energetic!

Ran up to his friend who went before him and gave him a high five!!

Then ran back to do his relay proper!


But when it came to the prize giving ceremony….

Some one had a complete MELTDOWN.

But it's ok!

Continue taking pictures!

We need materials to embarrass him during his wedding dinner montage!!

But it got epic during the group picture taking!!



We then left after event was over for food and came back and showered and crashed from 2.30pm-6.00pm.

I was so so so so tired!!!!! And it was taxing dealing with a cranky child.

But I enjoyed it, I wasn't really embarrassed for me or him. I thought it was kind of funny.

Maybe I thick skinned la and these type of meltdown don't faze me.

I lost my temper with him during lunch bcos I was very tired and he went psycho from lack of sleep and feel and knock his head on a wooden railing.

But the whole evening went by in a blur. Had to sent sis off to KL and we had a dinner nearby.

Overall, it was a funny first sports day experience!

Next year have to wake him up earlier to "warm up" and get to the hall earlier for him to be comfortable before all the activities. He really gets performance anxiety and get scared with new people and crowds and noisy places.

Too bad daddy wasn't here to see his meltdown!!

Ok bye gonna crash again! Felt like I ran a marathon!

Ahhhh finally.

The permanent smiley face will stay on for 48 hrs.
And I don't have to test it anymore.

And good morning to you!!

Sad breakfast is sad.

Anyhow boil egg at home and brought my home made beef jerky to work.

It's 9.30am and only started eating.

Today no lunch Sumore.


Paiseh paiseh!

The smiley sign means it's "Peak Fertility" meaning my eggs just hatched!

And this is an ovulation test kit and not a pregnancy test kit.

Was very glad it showed this sign because I thought that I didn't hatch any eggs for this cycle. No eggs means no baby and might mean something wrong with factory ah.

Ok…now that's sorted.

Most likely next month no donuts or noodles. BUT will try again next cycle ok!

Don't give up yet!

Wah this app totally got my cycle on point!!!!

Highly recommend it to mummy trying to Conceive.

It's called BabyMed.

The other most useful app for me is still Glow. It recalculates everything in real time once I enter in my records.

Ovia not so much. Not very intuitive and laggy.

Just for comparison sake, I went and tested on my alcheapo ovulation kit!

See!! It says negative.

So all I can tell my friends who ask for advice on ovulation kit, yes, get the Clearblue digital ovulation kit. Although it's a little bit more pricey but the peace of mind given is PRICELESS

disclaimer: only applicable to Non pcos and "normal" menstrual health woman. If you've been diagnosed with infertility before I can't be 100% confident of the usage to help prediction.

Came back from school and knocked out.

Still have not eaten his lunch.

He slept pretty late last night about 10.30pm.

He refused to sleep and was waiting for me to get home from the airport. Poor guy.

Lunch today was fried fish slice and fish head steamboat soup.


Hermph iPad addict!!


Guess where we are!

And still transfix on the Korean girls on the TV.


Yup. 1 ribs only for me.

Yup. I don't wanna be doing a lot of runs to the loo.

This is for me. Cheng cheng soup.

Ginseng chicken soup.

And spam mix rice!!

This looks so good!

Breakfast of smoked turkey leg and a fried egg.


Shrimp pad Thai and salmon on salad.

Was stalking him at 12pm right after school and noticed he wasn't at his usual place eating.

So I texted my sis n she told me he fell asleep on the way back from school.

Not sure what he did last night until so tired. Must be the all night boob buffet.

Time stalked: 2.15pm

Finally woke up and ah yee feeding him his lunch.

Apparently he told my sis he hates moving n don't wanna wake up.

Wohooo. I'm otw home now at 3.30pm

Ask my boss can I leave a little earlier today. Just cos I lazy to work.

She said sure no problem!!!

Ahahha you think what? Where got boss so awesome one.

Actually, my helper is leaving for the Philippines today.

Her 2 year contract has ended so I'm giving her a 3 weeks holiday. She hasn't seen her son for 4 years apparently.

So I've actually renewed her contract and did not use an agent to do this so for the past 2 months I was running around Singapore (I mean googling from my desk la) to get her things sorted out.

Now that's that, I've got her proper and complete documents ready!

She'll be returning 2nd week of June. Hopefully more refreshed and back to mundane work after that.

Puah household will be helper less till then.

I hope can cope ah. So coincidental that husband is in U.S., and I'll be leaving for worktrip next week so last week was a whirl or last min activity and I was a bit stressed trying to coordinate her documents, mom to come down, arrange my workstrip stuff and all that.

Phew!!! Thrive on pressure. Like diamond ah!

Any jie jie wan to take care of him whilst mummy is at work?

Luckily school holiday don't have to cook his school lunch for him! End of May still need for that week but at least not the whole stretch.

Dinner tonight.

Braised beef checks in red wine and sautΓ© asparagus.

First time cooking beef cheeks. Can be improved the taste but texture of the cheeks is very tender.


It smells good but the taste is lacking la. Macam no sweetness to it. Maybe next time I'll add dates and more carrots.

Some one so stupid!!!

Went to u.s and did not bring the USD. Wtf!!!

Found in the forex wallet!!!

Siow or what????

Sometimes ah, the lights are just not on up there.


At the airport now!!

Helping her to check in, and goes into the immigration without any hiccup.

Will wait for her to pass through then I'll take the MRT home.

Ok time check: 10.10pm. She passed through immigration with no hiccups, and waved me off.


On another note, there is millionaire, tennis coach, Frenchman and fireman being sold here in Watson terminal 1 changi airport. Gets yours now today!!

TTC update.

Today is the 4th day in registering "high fertility" with the Clearblue advanced digital ovulation kit. Still the flashing smiley face!

No "peak fertility" yet. The stagnant smiley face is not here. Either my LH surge is too low to be registered or that this round I'm not ovulating. Sigh!!

Husband, I think you need to stock up more of the kit for me.

And off daddy goes for his trip.

See you in 12 days time!!!


Breakfast today.

Couldn't fall back to sleep once husband left. Was tossing and turning and by 3.30am I was super hungry.

And Isaac got up searching for boobs and had to entertain his request.

Ahhhh. Zombie at work.

@hansumboi @strawbee anyone????

Very affordable!!!!!

Bacon salad everyone!!!!

Packed salad from cold storage downstairs.

Toppings of 1 egg, sun dried tomatoes and chicken breast.

Also added in my ribs from Monday! Haha.

Neighborhood kids, round up for a photo please!!!

Dinner tonight, salmon with spicy sesame ginger seasoning and raw salad.


Lots of leftover. Eating for one person. 😞

Boring breakfast again.


Isaac didn't go to school today because had a fever spike this morning of about 38C.

But…still active. Stalked him and saw him bullying his Ah Yee. Forcing her to feed him.

Just had late lunch. Office had an audit so everyone quite busy.

Tarpaued from cedele for everyone.

Mine is Seebas Rosti with grilled aubergine.

Gluten free sumore! Heng ah.

Dinner today!
#glutenfree #paleo

Grilled cinnamon pork chops and raw salad with pine nuts and cherry tomatoes.


Mmmm. I'm still hungry. How ah?

1st Cashew nut reaction.

Breakfast today is bacon, spinach and cherry tomatoes frittata.

Yes I know I'm boring and redundant but bare with me, I need my food diary.

*#dayrehamsumclub edit*

#bear hor not #bare. But both also can.


I got the job!!!!

Few weeks ago I applied for an business development intern at my marketing side.

Went through all the interview and was competing with other sales personal as well as external student MBA candidate.

I'm so happy I got it!!

Lunch. Packed sushi from cold storage. Yes got mayo.

Real mayo is egg and oil. But of course I don't know about this one la.

And because sushi not enough.

Having ribs.

Selfie time Isaac!!!

Watching some korkors and jiejies playing basketball.

Mummy is bored.

Funny face #selfie now!!!

Hehe. Love this little guy.

And then my #actgentle son is touching mimosa and making them close. #allshy #shyplants

#paleo shrimp pad Thai for dinner.

Eat all the boing boing shrimps.


Post dinner desserts.

Paleo almond butter cups. #bukanReese #bukanpeanutbuttercups

Isaac had quite a bad allergic reaction just now!!

I think when the helper was bathing him, some cashew butter rub onto him. Might be from her clothes or hands. Who knows??

But Wah!!! He looked like shit! Eyes very red, face broke out in welts and he just sat on the floor scratching his head, neck and thighs.

All the while with the gong gong space out look and kept saying "itchy, itchy itchy!"

So fasterly gave him 5mls of Zyrtec.

After 20 mins still not resolved.

Eyes still red and face developed more raised rash.

Faster gave another 2.5mls of Zyrtec.

Asked husband to faster come back (was 8pm already) to standby in case need further help.

I kept asking him to shower again because suspect still had contamination on him.

Husband came back and undress him and took of his pampers.

Quickly showered him. Then he perked up in the shower n starting playing n licking the water.
Wtf. 5 mins ago so quiet. Now the Zyrtec kicked in and allergen washed off

He went all crazy!!!

Jumped around in the bed,

Kept leaping back and forth and basically being a kid high on sugar.

About 30 mins after redness in eyes disappeared and face back to baby skin smoothness.

Sigh!! Cashew allergy is his 2nd worse reaction with egg being the first!

Cashew newly discovered allergy in October 2014. Scary, but not as scary as egg.

Ok that is all for Isaac allergy reaction records. Thank you.

Oh cashew from the shrimp pad Thai sauce.

Wooo. High fertility. See the flashing smiley face. Haha.
CC: @jayelleenelial

Made teriyaki chicken for Isaac today.

Marinate chicken breast with salt & pepper than coated with plain flour and pan fry. Once cooked through, coat with teriyaki sauce. The sauce my mom bought from daiso one!!! Everything also have in daiso.

Then arrange on tray and "grill" at 160β€’c for 5-10 mins to get the char bits for the teriyaki chicken. The sauce will thicken and caramelize. The few empty slots on the tray because Isaac whack 2 pcs before I remember to snap a picture.

And a growing boy needs his carbs, boil his pasta in home made turkey broth.

So goddam tasty top with the sweet teriyaki chicken.

The father was salivating but the son only finished the above grudgingly.

What la! πŸ˜₯ effort abit and he still only wants plain rice.

See, only picking the chicken cos chicken is naise.

Nvm la. At least u finished it.

Mummy and daddy went out to sq2 to look for food.

Tried out this new place called munch where they had rotisserie chicken with sides.

Chose breast meat and Waldorf salad. Ok la. Nubbad.

But I think my helper makes better chicken now. Haha. When in a pinch, at least I know got "clean" options!

Gonna try and make some paleo reese cups.

1/4 cup coconut oil and 1/4 cup coconut butter

1/2 cup coco powder and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste cos I wan it to taste super kau.

Pinch of sea salt and cinnamon.

Ok la it's whiskable. No more lumps can already.

Recipe ask for 12 mini cups but since I'm greedy it's 6 muffin cups. So each cups is 2 servings.

Pop into freezer to set. No idea how long. Gonna agak agak

Make the filling

I use 2 tablespoon almond butter and 1 table spoon sunbutter because I ran out of almond butter.

Plus 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

Mix till smooth la.

First choco layer set, on goes the nut butter filing.

Pop it back into freezer to set

Then 2nd round of chocolate covers.

Ya that's the husband doing for me because Isaac decides he needed me more than I needed my chocolate.

Entertain him by letting match the 123's with the amount of stuff on he other cards.

He did quite well because he followed the pictures rather than numbers and the corresponding amount. Pffttt

Ok la. Extra large pseudo- Reese bitter cups. Yes bitter because no sugar.

Anddddddd we're back here for some chicken rice.

Of course it's for Isaac.

He ate 1 whole adult rice portion. Me and Serhon shared 1 portion of rice.

Isaac pulled his weight in eating the chicken too.

Not 100% gluten free because the chicken meat is drenched in some soy sauce.

And after dinner, it's play time!

Ahahha weeeee!!

See the jubilant face!

Someone learnt a new trick!

Had a good girlie chat with @jayelleenelial Wah we talk so long. Talk until I'm hungry again.

And Serhon was having his Maggie mee!

Anyway it's good to talk things out, let out abit of steam and just listen to each other's story.

Next time u nuaing with cheeks just call me out la. We free one.

Hehe midway stalked Isaac and can see him dancing in the kitchen eating apples.

Mummy also hungry now. Clearly eating dinner at 5pm doesn't help with hunger!!

What should I eat.

TTC #2

Freedom!!! On a early Saturday morning.

I thought I could exhaust him before lunch time.

Looks like he bumped into his little lady and I guess I'll be spending 1hr here waiting for him.


Yeay! Manage to pry him off the clutches of Mei Mei.

Went to somewhere shaded to play with some stones!

Mine and hubs lunch.

His is the Hokkien mee la. Mine is satay.

Because satay not enough,

Had oyster omelette. Yummy. Shared with hubs

Because satay and oyster omelette not enough, mentaiko onigiri.

And because satay, oyster omelette, mentaiko onigiri not enough, it's Japanese fried chicken.

Grilled seafood dinner!!

Hokkaido scallops and prawns with pine nuts.

TTC #2

So I've been tracking my ovulation for the 4th time this year.

I've finally understood my cycle. Also buckled down and bought the Clearblue advanced digital ovulation kit. Now when I read it, low fertility means low la.

No guessing games involved vs the strip from al cheapo brand where I can't be sure 100%.

See the πŸ”˜ sign. πŸ”˜ means low fertility.

So no guessing involved.

And hopefully by next month I strike lottery ah!!!

Got to remember to take my antenatal multivitamins.

Thanks ah @doooduuu for supplying me the first few months stock. My future baby will be eternally grateful to you hahahah

Steps taken for TTC prep so far:

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: stopped pumping milk in March

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: training to strengthen more core, a lot. I can do 2 full push-ups now!! And hopefully will be able to support the belly without getting back ache everywhere ache.

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: reduce inflammation. I'm still working on this. I can't stop "inflaming" myself with gluten and dairy. I need to farking slap myself la. Know cannot eat, still wan to eat. I really should stop. I don't want the next child to have severe food allergies

Please please dear lord, help me overcome my temptation to gluten and dairy.

Ermmm also everybody if u see me eating it, pls scold me.

Abit worried now.

Wake up call ok Joanne! You want your next child to suffer also??

Typing this out really puts my gluten dairy eating habits to perspective. I've got to sort out my priorities.

Just tahan la for at least another 1 year!!

I really hope it's not too late to change my habits!!!

I should be more mindful of the shit I put into my body literally for the sake of an allergy free child the next round!!!!

Put more effort Joanne!!! It's not impossible, just need plenty of reminder.

And need to make loads of paleo gluten free snacks to counter the hunger. I foresee loads of home made beef jerky coming up!

Heng, just made 1 batch today. Woopie!!

To all mummy's on dayre,

Happy Mother's Day!

Even those with fur kids also considered moms!

Also to my mother @maryannsee happy Mother's Day. Hope you like your Mother's Day gift. Hehhe. #beautypackage #aesthetic

Night night everyone!

I love my first meal of the day today.

Grilled seafood salad. About 4 big prawns and 5 small scallops.

Leaves are coated with a tart yet sweet vinegar. Hehe.

Because salad not enough.

Having soft boiled eggs now whilst waiting for rain to go away.

Stuck in ttsh.

In another news, I'm engaged to be married!

I'm gonna let my fiancΓ© @kianga tell you allllll about it. Hehe.

My son made me a gift!!


Of course I know it's his teachers who helped him la…but u know, I still smiled like a fool when I got it!!!

I think he made me a card too!

Actually I'm not sure?

Is this a Mother's Day card??

Dayre mummy and jie jie can translate for me please???

@choopeechu @doooduuu @calistallicious

And this is what is says inside.

I think it's his name at the bottom.

Omg I dunno la.


But it looks he had a good time playing with the glue just to stick the heart on the paper.

Free glue in school is it Isaac???

Dinner tonight was beef balls topped with sautΓ©ed mushrooms and side of jicama fries sprinkled with chili powder.

Conversation with Isaac

Mama, wo Ai ni.

He said this randomly before sleeping just now and looking at me in the darkness. And repeat 10xxx thousand times.

Also out of the sudden he told me, "I like jellyfish and shark!"

"Yesterday we went to…to the sea aquarium!!"

Me: oh you like to see the fishes and dolphins?

I: yes I like. Over there have a lot of pretty girls!! And I can see them and also see the fish. I tap tap on the glass to say hi to the fish

Me: u like sea aquarium cos can see pretty girls??

I: ya!

Hmmm I really wonder how he knows there are pretty girls there to watch on top of fishes.

This one definitely my son!

Eh wake up la. 7.00am liow time for school.

Pretending only.

Whole night shouting and kicking at everyone wtf.

Mummy and daddy are zombies.

Overnight chia pudding with almond slivers for breakfast.

Epitome of nuaing!!

Dining floor also can.

And with a bribe of wearing his new Spider-Man underwear, he's all bright eyed and bushy tailed!!

But before that he asked "wash the underwear already?"

Hahahahah ocd clean freak?

Like Trishaw puller sitting with his legs splayed open.

I'm happy he gets very happy once he knows he's going to school.

Impatient even!! He screams if he sees the neighbor school bus picks the other student up and leaves for school before him.

*flip picture over*

Actually, Isaac wasn't nuaing, he was being a Spider-Man!!!!

My spilled-over lunch today.

Leftover beef wrapped asparagus, 2 hard boiled egg and raw spinach leaves with pine nuts.

So this am whilst being intermittently woken up by Isaac, I actually dreamed about sort off wearing this outfit.

In my dreams, the pics of me wearing this were on my moms laptop. It must have gotten synced to her laptop when I plugged my iPhone into it.

Mannn, all my bits were being flashed up on the screen saver when it went on power saving mode.

I'm like omg!!

But now, reflecting on my dreams, I think it was pretty naiseee!!

Just got to work on toning them up.

I've got too much self love and I like curves.

Now that I've seen Jlos dress, it's definitely more like Jlos dress that I was wearing in my dreams.

Dinner tonight is orange scallops and steam broccoli.

#portioncontrol #ionlylookgoodnaked

Isaac scooted himself today from Tan Tock Seng hospital, along Moulmein road and to velocity shopping mall.

Scooting along the sidewalks

and then making turns round and round velocity basketball there.

Then he requested to go to united square and to the park next to it.

Ok boy, by all means!! Go la!

Wohooo we are here now!!

And once we reached the park, he went scooting all around it.

Quite fast also. Nubbad.

Still got energy!!!

Sat on the bouncy pony and went crazy on it. He was too fast, I can't even get a decent shot.

According to google map, he scooted for 550 meters each way.

So essentially, he scooted a minimum of 1.1km. Not including rounds and rounds in velocity and in the united square park.

And still…..slept at 9.50pm


Smooth Operator

Macadamia nut waffles with maple syrup.

Use macadamia nuts and blend with coconut milk, eggs, honey and vanilla essence.

After kgam down some honey, with the addition of hot honey lemon last night, my throat is much better now.

Still a little chesty, but nothing intolerable.

Something different for lunch today. #notpaleo but it's #glutenfreebutnot100%

$10 prawn noodles with kuey Teow. Not because I want to show off with big prawns, but I thought $10 will give me more meat!!

I'm still hungry because only 4 big-ish prawns and 1(yes only 1 pork ribs 1x2inch size) ribs!!

How? Still hungry.

Someone has a cool ride and has started picking up some chicks!!

#nubbad #startyoung

And once he got her attention, he is letting her chase after him.

Smart move there my son!

Living dangerously, swerving down the slope.

The smooth operator even manage to captivate the mature lady there.

She just watch on, impressed by his handling.

He in turn, did a little lift just to show off.

#showoff #nothingmoreattractivethanconfidence

After all that showmanship, he decide to let off some steam by playing catch with the little lady here.

She even change into a nice little outfit just for him.

Catch me if you can my lady!!

*runs off with the watermelon *

The end.

Dinner tonight.

Asparagus wrapped in shabu shabu beef;

Leftover porkchop and sweet potato fries.

#portioncontrol #butstillchubby #becauseIeattoomuch

Mmmmm yummy.

Hot honey time.

Woke up at 11.30 am today.

Feel like sleeping again.

I also wan to lie down and take a nap with you, Isaac.


Thank you aunty @strawbee for the car.


Draw Isaac, draw!

Eh smile la for your jiejies

Ok ok, tame it down a notch will ya?

No I don't want!!

Duck face is all the rage mom.

We traced some feet, drew rocket ships and trees. Mostly in blue chalk because "I rike blueeeeee kareer!!!"

Dinner today.

I'm so glad to be eating "normally". Normal by my standards la.


Baked salmon with capers and cherry tomatoes.

Baked sweet potatoe fries with Cajun seasoning.

Blanched French beans.

I cannot tahan already.

I need to #deepthroat and #swallow to #lube it up.

See even my honey although not manduka is naturally "high"

Oh Lordy, please forgive me because I have sinned.

@xiive @choopeechu @apriltay @doooduuu @Eviee @calistallicious @littlemisshappygrumps @hotcakes @ilovehoneystars @strawbee

My witnesses πŸ‘†πŸΌ

#macamporn #tapibukan #foodporn #naturallyhigh

Super kau honey lemon.

Very hot.

I like, I like it alottttt.

Started the day with breakfast of eggs, bacon and lettuce.

Field trip day for Isaac!!!

We watched the magic treetops at esplanade theater.

He always have this worried face whenever we are out.

While waiting for the play to start, he was abit hyper.

Hopping around with his good friend Javon.

And when the show finally started, he cried buckets and ask to get out of the theater.

Kept pulling me out because he was scared.

How la my chicken shit son.

Time for a good lunch!!!

Back at our neighborhood french cafe.

Truffle mushroom soup. Really kau and nice.

And a small piece of ribeye steak.

The fries are amazing. Haha.

And cakes to share!!

Red velvet and carrot cake.

I really love this swordfish sashimi. More than salmon and tuna.

Yea we had Japanese for dinner again. Treat the ILs.

Of course someone must have his kappa maki (again) after his huge dinner 1 hour ago.

He ate 1 adult portion rice of bakuteh with lots of "bak" and the soup!!

See the happy face.

Then of course, stole watermelon from my dinner set.

But I don't eat watermelon, so happily gave him.

Wah eat like dam nice like that.

This milk cow really looks like shit!!!!

@calistallicious @doooduuu

It's the pistachio one with sunflower seed and cashew nuts.

Taste not bad. I quite like it. Finished 3/4 of it. And ermm ya what happens next is TMI 😷😷😷😷

Are children born racist?

Just now at dinner, I was busy stuffing my face with chawanmushi and left Isaac to entertain himself in the high chair right next to me.

Saw at the corner of my eye, the kitchen helper came out and spoke to some servers.

Kitchen helper is of Indian descent and wearing black shirt and pants.

Isaac turned his head and once he saw him exclaimed,

"Why the uncle face so black one!"

Shittttt, fuuuuuuuu!!!!

Out of reflex, I stuffed my hands into his mouth to avoid him talking any further.

So shy ah!!!

I had to faster explain to him that we don't say things like that.

Yes, uncle face is abit black but you cannot say it out loud ok?

I don't think he really understood, but he did stop staring at the uncle and started minding his own things.

How would you deal with it???

Anyway husbands bff is an Indian dude who has come over and stayed at our place couple of times and Isaac just loves playing with him. None of the racist shit happen.

Or maybe the uncle face is really dark.

Oh wanted to post this earlier but I forgot!!

So cute this label on the wine bottle but pretty pricey.

A boy doing a cannon ball!

The more I look at this pic of us, the more I think we look like a young Malay couple dating.

I'm just waiting for 1 day to be hauled to jail for committing #khalwat

Hahaha. Dark dark like hitam manis. And our slang macam indon people because we speak Malay to each other with a sabahan slang + Indian slang.

Basically, anything but mandarin la with the ah beng/lian drawl.

But, living in Singapore has made us sound more Chinese with the "sia" and "leh" and "simi sai"

I really shouldn't be poisoning myself, but here goes:

Pork rib curry nasi lemak and fried wantan with ice kopi-o!

#ootd before visiting my friends baby girl.

I love me some fat babies!!!!

Didn't stay long, pass her some baby clothes that I bought and sneak peak at her. Hehe.

For lunch we had char siew pork ribs and pulled pork burger with sweet potato fries in ss15 subang jaya.

And artisanal coconut ice cream down the street.

The place is called SangKaya coconut ice cream creamery.

Similar to those in chatuchak market.

Close up of my pretttyyyyy hamsup face and the ice cream.

I tot it tasted better than the chatuchak market one. Maybe cos I ate it in a less hot condition and there was no one harassing me. Ice cream was pretty smooth too. The young coconut flesh equally sweet and tender. I had toppings of peanut, dried coconut flakes and chocolate sauce.

Damage: Rm10.50

Hehe took a pic of him napping so shiok.

We left Kl to Singapore at 3.30pm. Arrived Singapore 9.45pm. There was very heavy traffic in Johor. Not too sure what's going on.

Torrential rain in Melaka.

Luckily grandma @maryannsee made some sushi roll for Isaac for his dinner.

When he saw it he was ecstatic. Kept clapping his hands and stuffing his face with it one by one.

Mmmmm ecstasy.


Like a boss yo, like a boss!

He's sound asleep now and I'm exhausted hacking away and from lack of sleep.

Good night everyone!

Doggies day out.

Nyonya nasi lemak for breakfast!!!

Ayam rendang with kerang and extra sambal!!

Cost: RM7.50.

@kianga wished I could tarpau this for you!!

Forced my little tall brother to brew me some long black.

I've no idea what contraception he's using.

Then he tried using simple French press. Aiyo so kau!!!

He scooped 3 teaspoon of coffee grinds to brew. But ok la don't have bitter after taste.

Who let the dogs out???

This is forex.

Here doggy!!!!

Chinaman being all excited with the puppies.

Who is cuter?

Gimme a kiss now will ya?

And this is Fund Man.

Isaac giving him some love too!!

Mmmmm doggy slobber feels good too!

Hehe. It's ok kongkong, I've tested negative for pet dander allergy.

So I'm free to frolic and roll with them doggies.

Best thing about being at grandmas, parents get to go out on dates!! Wohoo. Like real.

We had Thai for lunch today. Over ordered for 3 person. So full.

And stole my bff ring to try it on and pretend I'm a taitai. Then handfie with it cos I don't think will ever have this in my entire life.

Que batman Mother's Day coming. If not this year, in 10 years time also I wait for it. Hehe.

And must take pic with her cos we were similarly dressed.

Pink shorts dark tops.

Drinking coconut juice because it's hot in here!!

What we had for dinner tonight!!

Satay satay I love you.

For the count:
10 chicken satay.
10 beef satay
5 rabbit satay
5 mutton satay
5 beef tripe satay
2 liver and gizzard satay

Dam nice!!!! So satisfied.

Isaac had none.

Asam fish fillet rice and ice lemon tea.

Stuff your face with roti canai/prata.

#captionthis #captainobvious

You know, everytime I see this delivery truck, I can't help to think, is this the china pirated version of "cedele" bakery?

Written on the truck is "Xi De Li"

We are on the bus back to KL for the weekend.

And for Isaac to see his grandparents.

And we've arrived! The first thing we did is to eat!!!!

Having onion rava thosai!!

Hi kong kong!

I think u better don't steal my roti canai!

It's ok Isaac, I'll force feed you with it. Open wide!!

Heheh it's my second roti canai today but don't tell kongkong!!