The more I look at this pic of us, the more I think we look like a young Malay couple dating.

I'm just waiting for 1 day to be hauled to jail for committing #khalwat

Hahaha. Dark dark like hitam manis. And our slang macam indon people because we speak Malay to each other with a sabahan slang + Indian slang.

Basically, anything but mandarin la with the ah beng/lian drawl.

But, living in Singapore has made us sound more Chinese with the "sia" and "leh" and "simi sai"

I really shouldn't be poisoning myself, but here goes:

Pork rib curry nasi lemak and fried wantan with ice kopi-o!

#ootd before visiting my friends baby girl.

I love me some fat babies!!!!

Didn't stay long, pass her some baby clothes that I bought and sneak peak at her. Hehe.

For lunch we had char siew pork ribs and pulled pork burger with sweet potato fries in ss15 subang jaya.

And artisanal coconut ice cream down the street.

The place is called SangKaya coconut ice cream creamery.

Similar to those in chatuchak market.

Close up of my pretttyyyyy hamsup face and the ice cream.

I tot it tasted better than the chatuchak market one. Maybe cos I ate it in a less hot condition and there was no one harassing me. Ice cream was pretty smooth too. The young coconut flesh equally sweet and tender. I had toppings of peanut, dried coconut flakes and chocolate sauce.

Damage: Rm10.50

Hehe took a pic of him napping so shiok.

We left Kl to Singapore at 3.30pm. Arrived Singapore 9.45pm. There was very heavy traffic in Johor. Not too sure what's going on.

Torrential rain in Melaka.

Luckily grandma @maryannsee made some sushi roll for Isaac for his dinner.

When he saw it he was ecstatic. Kept clapping his hands and stuffing his face with it one by one.

Mmmmm ecstasy.


Like a boss yo, like a boss!

He's sound asleep now and I'm exhausted hacking away and from lack of sleep.

Good night everyone!

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