Doggies day out.

Nyonya nasi lemak for breakfast!!!

Ayam rendang with kerang and extra sambal!!

Cost: RM7.50.

@kianga wished I could tarpau this for you!!

Forced my little tall brother to brew me some long black.

I've no idea what contraception he's using.

Then he tried using simple French press. Aiyo so kau!!!

He scooped 3 teaspoon of coffee grinds to brew. But ok la don't have bitter after taste.

Who let the dogs out???

This is forex.

Here doggy!!!!

Chinaman being all excited with the puppies.

Who is cuter?

Gimme a kiss now will ya?

And this is Fund Man.

Isaac giving him some love too!!

Mmmmm doggy slobber feels good too!

Hehe. It's ok kongkong, I've tested negative for pet dander allergy.

So I'm free to frolic and roll with them doggies.

Best thing about being at grandmas, parents get to go out on dates!! Wohoo. Like real.

We had Thai for lunch today. Over ordered for 3 person. So full.

And stole my bff ring to try it on and pretend I'm a taitai. Then handfie with it cos I don't think will ever have this in my entire life.

Que batman Mother's Day coming. If not this year, in 10 years time also I wait for it. Hehe.

And must take pic with her cos we were similarly dressed.

Pink shorts dark tops.

Drinking coconut juice because it's hot in here!!

What we had for dinner tonight!!

Satay satay I love you.

For the count:
10 chicken satay.
10 beef satay
5 rabbit satay
5 mutton satay
5 beef tripe satay
2 liver and gizzard satay

Dam nice!!!! So satisfied.

Isaac had none.

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