Started the day with breakfast of eggs, bacon and lettuce.

Field trip day for Isaac!!!

We watched the magic treetops at esplanade theater.

He always have this worried face whenever we are out.

While waiting for the play to start, he was abit hyper.

Hopping around with his good friend Javon.

And when the show finally started, he cried buckets and ask to get out of the theater.

Kept pulling me out because he was scared.

How la my chicken shit son.

Time for a good lunch!!!

Back at our neighborhood french cafe.

Truffle mushroom soup. Really kau and nice.

And a small piece of ribeye steak.

The fries are amazing. Haha.

And cakes to share!!

Red velvet and carrot cake.

I really love this swordfish sashimi. More than salmon and tuna.

Yea we had Japanese for dinner again. Treat the ILs.

Of course someone must have his kappa maki (again) after his huge dinner 1 hour ago.

He ate 1 adult portion rice of bakuteh with lots of "bak" and the soup!!

See the happy face.

Then of course, stole watermelon from my dinner set.

But I don't eat watermelon, so happily gave him.

Wah eat like dam nice like that.

This milk cow really looks like shit!!!!

@calistallicious @doooduuu

It's the pistachio one with sunflower seed and cashew nuts.

Taste not bad. I quite like it. Finished 3/4 of it. And ermm ya what happens next is TMI 😷😷😷😷

Are children born racist?

Just now at dinner, I was busy stuffing my face with chawanmushi and left Isaac to entertain himself in the high chair right next to me.

Saw at the corner of my eye, the kitchen helper came out and spoke to some servers.

Kitchen helper is of Indian descent and wearing black shirt and pants.

Isaac turned his head and once he saw him exclaimed,

"Why the uncle face so black one!"

Shittttt, fuuuuuuuu!!!!

Out of reflex, I stuffed my hands into his mouth to avoid him talking any further.

So shy ah!!!

I had to faster explain to him that we don't say things like that.

Yes, uncle face is abit black but you cannot say it out loud ok?

I don't think he really understood, but he did stop staring at the uncle and started minding his own things.

How would you deal with it???

Anyway husbands bff is an Indian dude who has come over and stayed at our place couple of times and Isaac just loves playing with him. None of the racist shit happen.

Or maybe the uncle face is really dark.

Oh wanted to post this earlier but I forgot!!

So cute this label on the wine bottle but pretty pricey.

A boy doing a cannon ball!

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