Hot honey time.

Woke up at 11.30 am today.

Feel like sleeping again.

I also wan to lie down and take a nap with you, Isaac.


Thank you aunty @strawbee for the car.


Draw Isaac, draw!

Eh smile la for your jiejies

Ok ok, tame it down a notch will ya?

No I don't want!!

Duck face is all the rage mom.

We traced some feet, drew rocket ships and trees. Mostly in blue chalk because "I rike blueeeeee kareer!!!"

Dinner today.

I'm so glad to be eating "normally". Normal by my standards la.


Baked salmon with capers and cherry tomatoes.

Baked sweet potatoe fries with Cajun seasoning.

Blanched French beans.

I cannot tahan already.

I need to #deepthroat and #swallow to #lube it up.

See even my honey although not manduka is naturally "high"

Oh Lordy, please forgive me because I have sinned.

@xiive @choopeechu @apriltay @doooduuu @Eviee @calistallicious @littlemisshappygrumps @hotcakes @ilovehoneystars @strawbee

My witnesses 👆🏼

#macamporn #tapibukan #foodporn #naturallyhigh

Super kau honey lemon.

Very hot.

I like, I like it alottttt.

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