Smooth Operator

Macadamia nut waffles with maple syrup.

Use macadamia nuts and blend with coconut milk, eggs, honey and vanilla essence.

After kgam down some honey, with the addition of hot honey lemon last night, my throat is much better now.

Still a little chesty, but nothing intolerable.

Something different for lunch today. #notpaleo but it's #glutenfreebutnot100%

$10 prawn noodles with kuey Teow. Not because I want to show off with big prawns, but I thought $10 will give me more meat!!

I'm still hungry because only 4 big-ish prawns and 1(yes only 1 pork ribs 1x2inch size) ribs!!

How? Still hungry.

Someone has a cool ride and has started picking up some chicks!!

#nubbad #startyoung

And once he got her attention, he is letting her chase after him.

Smart move there my son!

Living dangerously, swerving down the slope.

The smooth operator even manage to captivate the mature lady there.

She just watch on, impressed by his handling.

He in turn, did a little lift just to show off.

#showoff #nothingmoreattractivethanconfidence

After all that showmanship, he decide to let off some steam by playing catch with the little lady here.

She even change into a nice little outfit just for him.

Catch me if you can my lady!!

*runs off with the watermelon *

The end.

Dinner tonight.

Asparagus wrapped in shabu shabu beef;

Leftover porkchop and sweet potato fries.

#portioncontrol #butstillchubby #becauseIeattoomuch

Mmmmm yummy.

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