Eh wake up la. 7.00am liow time for school.

Pretending only.

Whole night shouting and kicking at everyone wtf.

Mummy and daddy are zombies.

Overnight chia pudding with almond slivers for breakfast.

Epitome of nuaing!!

Dining floor also can.

And with a bribe of wearing his new Spider-Man underwear, he's all bright eyed and bushy tailed!!

But before that he asked "wash the underwear already?"

Hahahahah ocd clean freak?

Like Trishaw puller sitting with his legs splayed open.

I'm happy he gets very happy once he knows he's going to school.

Impatient even!! He screams if he sees the neighbor school bus picks the other student up and leaves for school before him.

*flip picture over*

Actually, Isaac wasn't nuaing, he was being a Spider-Man!!!!

My spilled-over lunch today.

Leftover beef wrapped asparagus, 2 hard boiled egg and raw spinach leaves with pine nuts.

So this am whilst being intermittently woken up by Isaac, I actually dreamed about sort off wearing this outfit.

In my dreams, the pics of me wearing this were on my moms laptop. It must have gotten synced to her laptop when I plugged my iPhone into it.

Mannn, all my bits were being flashed up on the screen saver when it went on power saving mode.

I'm like omg!!

But now, reflecting on my dreams, I think it was pretty naiseee!!

Just got to work on toning them up.

I've got too much self love and I like curves.

Now that I've seen Jlos dress, it's definitely more like Jlos dress that I was wearing in my dreams.

Dinner tonight is orange scallops and steam broccoli.

#portioncontrol #ionlylookgoodnaked

Isaac scooted himself today from Tan Tock Seng hospital, along Moulmein road and to velocity shopping mall.

Scooting along the sidewalks

and then making turns round and round velocity basketball there.

Then he requested to go to united square and to the park next to it.

Ok boy, by all means!! Go la!

Wohooo we are here now!!

And once we reached the park, he went scooting all around it.

Quite fast also. Nubbad.

Still got energy!!!

Sat on the bouncy pony and went crazy on it. He was too fast, I can't even get a decent shot.

According to google map, he scooted for 550 meters each way.

So essentially, he scooted a minimum of 1.1km. Not including rounds and rounds in velocity and in the united square park.

And still…..slept at 9.50pm


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