I love my first meal of the day today.

Grilled seafood salad. About 4 big prawns and 5 small scallops.

Leaves are coated with a tart yet sweet vinegar. Hehe.

Because salad not enough.

Having soft boiled eggs now whilst waiting for rain to go away.

Stuck in ttsh.

In another news, I'm engaged to be married!

I'm gonna let my fiancรฉ @kianga tell you allllll about it. Hehe.

My son made me a gift!!


Of course I know it's his teachers who helped him la…but u know, I still smiled like a fool when I got it!!!

I think he made me a card too!

Actually I'm not sure?

Is this a Mother's Day card??

Dayre mummy and jie jie can translate for me please???

@choopeechu @doooduuu @calistallicious

And this is what is says inside.

I think it's his name at the bottom.

Omg I dunno la.


But it looks he had a good time playing with the glue just to stick the heart on the paper.

Free glue in school is it Isaac???

Dinner tonight was beef balls topped with sautรฉed mushrooms and side of jicama fries sprinkled with chili powder.

Conversation with Isaac

Mama, wo Ai ni.

He said this randomly before sleeping just now and looking at me in the darkness. And repeat 10xxx thousand times.

Also out of the sudden he told me, "I like jellyfish and shark!"

"Yesterday we went to…to the sea aquarium!!"

Me: oh you like to see the fishes and dolphins?

I: yes I like. Over there have a lot of pretty girls!! And I can see them and also see the fish. I tap tap on the glass to say hi to the fish

Me: u like sea aquarium cos can see pretty girls??

I: ya!

Hmmm I really wonder how he knows there are pretty girls there to watch on top of fishes.

This one definitely my son!

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