TTC #2

Freedom!!! On a early Saturday morning.

I thought I could exhaust him before lunch time.

Looks like he bumped into his little lady and I guess I'll be spending 1hr here waiting for him.


Yeay! Manage to pry him off the clutches of Mei Mei.

Went to somewhere shaded to play with some stones!

Mine and hubs lunch.

His is the Hokkien mee la. Mine is satay.

Because satay not enough,

Had oyster omelette. Yummy. Shared with hubs

Because satay and oyster omelette not enough, mentaiko onigiri.

And because satay, oyster omelette, mentaiko onigiri not enough, it's Japanese fried chicken.

Grilled seafood dinner!!

Hokkaido scallops and prawns with pine nuts.

TTC #2

So I've been tracking my ovulation for the 4th time this year.

I've finally understood my cycle. Also buckled down and bought the Clearblue advanced digital ovulation kit. Now when I read it, low fertility means low la.

No guessing games involved vs the strip from al cheapo brand where I can't be sure 100%.

See the πŸ”˜ sign. πŸ”˜ means low fertility.

So no guessing involved.

And hopefully by next month I strike lottery ah!!!

Got to remember to take my antenatal multivitamins.

Thanks ah @doooduuu for supplying me the first few months stock. My future baby will be eternally grateful to you hahahah

Steps taken for TTC prep so far:

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: stopped pumping milk in March

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: training to strengthen more core, a lot. I can do 2 full push-ups now!! And hopefully will be able to support the belly without getting back ache everywhere ache.

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: reduce inflammation. I'm still working on this. I can't stop "inflaming" myself with gluten and dairy. I need to farking slap myself la. Know cannot eat, still wan to eat. I really should stop. I don't want the next child to have severe food allergies

Please please dear lord, help me overcome my temptation to gluten and dairy.

Ermmm also everybody if u see me eating it, pls scold me.

Abit worried now.

Wake up call ok Joanne! You want your next child to suffer also??

Typing this out really puts my gluten dairy eating habits to perspective. I've got to sort out my priorities.

Just tahan la for at least another 1 year!!

I really hope it's not too late to change my habits!!!

I should be more mindful of the shit I put into my body literally for the sake of an allergy free child the next round!!!!

Put more effort Joanne!!! It's not impossible, just need plenty of reminder.

And need to make loads of paleo gluten free snacks to counter the hunger. I foresee loads of home made beef jerky coming up!

Heng, just made 1 batch today. Woopie!!

To all mummy's on dayre,

Happy Mother's Day!

Even those with fur kids also considered moms!

Also to my mother @maryannsee happy Mother's Day. Hope you like your Mother's Day gift. Hehhe. #beautypackage #aesthetic

Night night everyone!

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