1st Cashew nut reaction.

Breakfast today is bacon, spinach and cherry tomatoes frittata.

Yes I know I'm boring and redundant but bare with me, I need my food diary.

*#dayrehamsumclub edit*

#bear hor not #bare. But both also can.


I got the job!!!!

Few weeks ago I applied for an business development intern at my marketing side.

Went through all the interview and was competing with other sales personal as well as external student MBA candidate.

I'm so happy I got it!!

Lunch. Packed sushi from cold storage. Yes got mayo.

Real mayo is egg and oil. But of course I don't know about this one la.

And because sushi not enough.

Having ribs.

Selfie time Isaac!!!

Watching some korkors and jiejies playing basketball.

Mummy is bored.

Funny face #selfie now!!!

Hehe. Love this little guy.

And then my #actgentle son is touching mimosa and making them close. #allshy #shyplants

#paleo shrimp pad Thai for dinner.

Eat all the boing boing shrimps.


Post dinner desserts.

Paleo almond butter cups. #bukanReese #bukanpeanutbuttercups

Isaac had quite a bad allergic reaction just now!!

I think when the helper was bathing him, some cashew butter rub onto him. Might be from her clothes or hands. Who knows??

But Wah!!! He looked like shit! Eyes very red, face broke out in welts and he just sat on the floor scratching his head, neck and thighs.

All the while with the gong gong space out look and kept saying "itchy, itchy itchy!"

So fasterly gave him 5mls of Zyrtec.

After 20 mins still not resolved.

Eyes still red and face developed more raised rash.

Faster gave another 2.5mls of Zyrtec.

Asked husband to faster come back (was 8pm already) to standby in case need further help.

I kept asking him to shower again because suspect still had contamination on him.

Husband came back and undress him and took of his pampers.

Quickly showered him. Then he perked up in the shower n starting playing n licking the water.
Wtf. 5 mins ago so quiet. Now the Zyrtec kicked in and allergen washed off

He went all crazy!!!

Jumped around in the bed,

Kept leaping back and forth and basically being a kid high on sugar.

About 30 mins after redness in eyes disappeared and face back to baby skin smoothness.

Sigh!! Cashew allergy is his 2nd worse reaction with egg being the first!

Cashew newly discovered allergy in October 2014. Scary, but not as scary as egg.

Ok that is all for Isaac allergy reaction records. Thank you.

Oh cashew from the shrimp pad Thai sauce.

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