Breakfast of smoked turkey leg and a fried egg.


Shrimp pad Thai and salmon on salad.

Was stalking him at 12pm right after school and noticed he wasn't at his usual place eating.

So I texted my sis n she told me he fell asleep on the way back from school.

Not sure what he did last night until so tired. Must be the all night boob buffet.

Time stalked: 2.15pm

Finally woke up and ah yee feeding him his lunch.

Apparently he told my sis he hates moving n don't wanna wake up.

Wohooo. I'm otw home now at 3.30pm

Ask my boss can I leave a little earlier today. Just cos I lazy to work.

She said sure no problem!!!

Ahahha you think what? Where got boss so awesome one.

Actually, my helper is leaving for the Philippines today.

Her 2 year contract has ended so I'm giving her a 3 weeks holiday. She hasn't seen her son for 4 years apparently.

So I've actually renewed her contract and did not use an agent to do this so for the past 2 months I was running around Singapore (I mean googling from my desk la) to get her things sorted out.

Now that's that, I've got her proper and complete documents ready!

She'll be returning 2nd week of June. Hopefully more refreshed and back to mundane work after that.

Puah household will be helper less till then.

I hope can cope ah. So coincidental that husband is in U.S., and I'll be leaving for worktrip next week so last week was a whirl or last min activity and I was a bit stressed trying to coordinate her documents, mom to come down, arrange my workstrip stuff and all that.

Phew!!! Thrive on pressure. Like diamond ah!

Any jie jie wan to take care of him whilst mummy is at work?

Luckily school holiday don't have to cook his school lunch for him! End of May still need for that week but at least not the whole stretch.

Dinner tonight.

Braised beef checks in red wine and sauté asparagus.

First time cooking beef cheeks. Can be improved the taste but texture of the cheeks is very tender.


It smells good but the taste is lacking la. Macam no sweetness to it. Maybe next time I'll add dates and more carrots.

Some one so stupid!!!

Went to u.s and did not bring the USD. Wtf!!!

Found in the forex wallet!!!

Siow or what????

Sometimes ah, the lights are just not on up there.


At the airport now!!

Helping her to check in, and goes into the immigration without any hiccup.

Will wait for her to pass through then I'll take the MRT home.

Ok time check: 10.10pm. She passed through immigration with no hiccups, and waved me off.


On another note, there is millionaire, tennis coach, Frenchman and fireman being sold here in Watson terminal 1 changi airport. Gets yours now today!!

TTC update.

Today is the 4th day in registering "high fertility" with the Clearblue advanced digital ovulation kit. Still the flashing smiley face!

No "peak fertility" yet. The stagnant smiley face is not here. Either my LH surge is too low to be registered or that this round I'm not ovulating. Sigh!!

Husband, I think you need to stock up more of the kit for me.

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