Ahhhh finally.

The permanent smiley face will stay on for 48 hrs.
And I don't have to test it anymore.

And good morning to you!!

Sad breakfast is sad.

Anyhow boil egg at home and brought my home made beef jerky to work.

It's 9.30am and only started eating.

Today no lunch Sumore.


Paiseh paiseh!

The smiley sign means it's "Peak Fertility" meaning my eggs just hatched!

And this is an ovulation test kit and not a pregnancy test kit.

Was very glad it showed this sign because I thought that I didn't hatch any eggs for this cycle. No eggs means no baby and might mean something wrong with factory ah.

Ok…now that's sorted.

Most likely next month no donuts or noodles. BUT will try again next cycle ok!

Don't give up yet!

Wah this app totally got my cycle on point!!!!

Highly recommend it to mummy trying to Conceive.

It's called BabyMed.

The other most useful app for me is still Glow. It recalculates everything in real time once I enter in my records.

Ovia not so much. Not very intuitive and laggy.

Just for comparison sake, I went and tested on my alcheapo ovulation kit!

See!! It says negative.

So all I can tell my friends who ask for advice on ovulation kit, yes, get the Clearblue digital ovulation kit. Although it's a little bit more pricey but the peace of mind given is PRICELESS

disclaimer: only applicable to Non pcos and "normal" menstrual health woman. If you've been diagnosed with infertility before I can't be 100% confident of the usage to help prediction.

Came back from school and knocked out.

Still have not eaten his lunch.

He slept pretty late last night about 10.30pm.

He refused to sleep and was waiting for me to get home from the airport. Poor guy.

Lunch today was fried fish slice and fish head steamboat soup.


Hermph iPad addict!!


Guess where we are!

And still transfix on the Korean girls on the TV.


Yup. 1 ribs only for me.

Yup. I don't wanna be doing a lot of runs to the loo.

This is for me. Cheng cheng soup.

Ginseng chicken soup.

And spam mix rice!!

This looks so good!

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