Isaac’s first Sports Day!

It's sports day!

I hope I win some prize.

Hmmm strategy thinking. How do I run faster than my peers.

First relay!

And he failed majestically!!

I had to drag him from start to finish!!!

He was spooked as usual. A total scardy cat.

Close up of his embarrassment.

Almost there!!

After the first relay for everyone from pre nursery to kindergarten 2, they adjourned for snack time!!

It was a blessing for parents with cranky kids and there were a lot of them, mine being the biggest cranko!!

But he was so happy to be back in his classroom he fed himself oats happily when all his other classmates had normal food. Allergy child so poor thing cannot eat what other ppl are having. Not even ice cream. Nvm la. Mummy also can't have ice cream. But I bet it was yummy

2nd relay

After filling up their tummy and cooled off in the aircon class room, it was time for the second relay.

We then adjourned back to the sweltering hall for the next public embarrassment.

2nd relay was much much much better than expected.

He was so cheerful and energetic!

Ran up to his friend who went before him and gave him a high five!!

Then ran back to do his relay proper!


But when it came to the prize giving ceremony….

Some one had a complete MELTDOWN.

But it's ok!

Continue taking pictures!

We need materials to embarrass him during his wedding dinner montage!!

But it got epic during the group picture taking!!



We then left after event was over for food and came back and showered and crashed from 2.30pm-6.00pm.

I was so so so so tired!!!!! And it was taxing dealing with a cranky child.

But I enjoyed it, I wasn't really embarrassed for me or him. I thought it was kind of funny.

Maybe I thick skinned la and these type of meltdown don't faze me.

I lost my temper with him during lunch bcos I was very tired and he went psycho from lack of sleep and feel and knock his head on a wooden railing.

But the whole evening went by in a blur. Had to sent sis off to KL and we had a dinner nearby.

Overall, it was a funny first sports day experience!

Next year have to wake him up earlier to "warm up" and get to the hall earlier for him to be comfortable before all the activities. He really gets performance anxiety and get scared with new people and crowds and noisy places.

Too bad daddy wasn't here to see his meltdown!!

Ok bye gonna crash again! Felt like I ran a marathon!

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