First proper breakfast since helper left!!!

It couldn't be done without my mom! Thanks @maryannsee!

Nothing can go wrong with bacon and eggs. I finished everything!

Visited @yellojelloo Blueprint Emporium.

The cuff I like she said no size. Boohoo. Wait lo!!

I love this evening gown qibao too. Totally my style.

The decor at the event. Sui ah.

So "fashion" and I felt kind of out of place.

Sumore carrying Isaac in the ergo carrier cos he fell asleep when we arrived.

So "aunty". The hipster designer don't even want to layan me.

I love this shop a lot.

It's all python skin bags and accessories.

Spent some money there too.

Saw this booth.

I love the crocodile skin knapsack.

But nobody there and didn't wan to ask.

Hehe my mummy @maryannsee modeling her new bag.

So sweee. Totally eyed it when I saw it.

Jumbo python skin. Red. What more can I say.

#quendoline #blueprint

I suddenly feel so "fashion" after going there hehe.

And loving my loots too. Don't want to show here later ppl say I show off.

@doooduuu thanks for making me an ahlian!!!

Finally painted my toenails with the nail art neon 3D thingy you gave me the other day! It's by Ciate too!

But sorry ah. My feet and toes dam ugly.

@hotcakes I can haz home pedicure too. Hehe.

Leftover for dinner!

Clearing out our fridge!!

Going to Macao tomorrow.

Red wine braised beef cheeks, avocado and some greens.

Just wanted to record down the texture.


Love this the most.

Totally fit into the native look.
Yea I look native! Not pan-Asian. Just native. Urang Sabah sana ranauuuuu!

@ilovehoneystars got ah?

It's so cold tonight!

I'm hugging Isaac to sleep. Toddlers are like furnaces. They exude heat!! But thankful for it today.

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