Day 1: Macau

At his favorite place, doing his favorite activity!!

Good morning everybody!

We are going to Macau today!!

Pray for a good flight for us and that Isaac will behave and nap onboard!

As the helper is away and daddy is in U.S., I'll be traveling with my mom @maryannsee to help me with Isaac.

I'll be having back to back workshop and training until Friday.

So she would be a great help. Hope the weather holds up and they can go swimming loads!!

Luckily were staying at one of the hotel with the biggest mall so I hope they will not be bored! Will try to pop by during lunch time!

Giving some attitude.

Toddnager are the worse!

No la mummy, I can be smiley and nice if I want to, okay?

Yeah! We got on to our shuttle bus to he hotel.

And Isaac super excited because the hotel bus is blue in colour.

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