Day 2 Macau

Throwback to yesterday.

Staying in the hotel Venetian Macao.

The entrance of main lobby.


The foyer I think.

The gallery.

All this taken when I just stepped in.

Whilst walking to our hotel room, we bump into this Venetian guy. Faster take photo.

It's quite complicated. After checking in through the main lobby, you've to walk across the mall to go to your hotel suite. Took us a while to navigate where it was!

Passed by the Casino too to get to our hotel suites.

The Venetian is design for you to deposit your money as you walk along to your suite. Haha.

Oh under 21 is banned! So me and Isaac and my mom had to take the non-casino route. Good for us I suppose!

Arrived in our royal suite.

Big la.

The fella was running around happily.

The living room, study and dining.

Steps to the above mentioned area.

The toilet. But can't take each section. Too big.

It has its own dressing table too.

Today was a full day of lectures back to back

So no picture was taken.

We did have a very yummy dinner for our reception at the Portifino restaurant. It was Italian!

Couldn't eat the pasta! 😞

It was a 6-7 course dinner!

Appetizer of grilled veg and cheese. The round thing initially I thought was a sausage, but turned out to be some Cheese grilled.

Pasta in tomato based sauce with artichoke.

Had 2 mouths full because had to more than taste it. Texture very al dente. Taste wise not my liking though.

Lentil soup.

Yuck. Only had 1 spoon for taste. Not my thing.

This was teally yummy.

Chicken breast with spinach and on bed of mash.

Didn't like this. The mascarpone is too "whipped cream" like in texture. Yuck.


Not enough so had to er taupau polo bun pork chop from the food court below!!!

Omnyomnyom. Yummy la.

So far so good!!

The place is fully wifi-ed. Free wifi everywhere even on the shuttle bus.

Haven't explored yet as I've seen the the meeting rooms only and the food court.

Went looking for the famous egg tart but it's obviously sold out by the time my meeting is done.

From my job perspective, it's a pretty interesting meeting so far.

I'm also very excited on all the new pipelines in store for us.

I'm even more excited that our GM for our region is very into career development!!

So I can expect more career progression and exposure if I stay longer here! And the culture is amazing. It is sooooo people and patient orientated on top of being very quality driven.

Profits are important, but patient access is their main concern. I love the comp for this value

I also approached my global policy person and let her know that if there is an opportunity for me to learn, and intern on project base with her, to let me know.

Haha she wanted me to start immediately but I told her I'm interning at the marketing side now!!

She said she'll keep in mind if there are other opportunities! Wohooo.

So excited for more experiences.

Policy is where we make changes with government level for regulatory purposes.

Not greedy

I just want to learn as much as I can!

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