Day 4 Macau

Today's wrist situation.

Chinaman eating chicken rice in Venice city. Haha.

Today finally finished meeting before the sunset!

Took both Isaac and my mom out for dinner!

We went to explore the hotel and mall a little bit more.

Having some Chinese dinner.

XO sauce fried cheong fun.

Yuck. Haha seriously I can't tolerate Chinese food.

And dim sum.

Only picked this place because it's pretty reasonably priced for Venetian Macau.

Haven't had Macanese curry crab yet.

Yesterday, me and Isaac at the St. Paul's ruin.

Having the famous Portuguese tart for after meal snack.

I can't Chinese food. 😷

Going out to explore!

Us in the pool area

Isaac, say cheese la.

Being all moody because we didn't bring his swim wear down with us when we went and check out the pool.

I thought it was raining and it would be cold!

Turns out they have a heated pool!

So I promised him that we will go tomorrow! And we will!

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