Day 5 Macau

Manage to pay a visit to the old town of Tai pa village.

It's located at Rua do Cunha

Yes all our shots are at night haha

Found a Portuguese restaurant which was highly recommended by trip advisor.

Was first bread roll which my mom thoroughly enjoyed. So fresh and soft. N warm

Love the nautical deco. It's a very quaint shop. Easily missed.

Appetizers of clams. So yummy. Mom and me polished it off.

Roasted suckling pig. So soft. Fries so nice. Went cold di also soft.

Grilled codfish in garlic n olive oil.

Shared a small jug of sangria.

Close up of the suckling pig.

Dessert of caramel flan. Bittersweet. Bitterness comes from the burnt sugar.

Walked around more n took pics of the pretty Portuguese town.

Prancing around in the square.

My workshop is officially over today.

Heading back to Singapore tomorrow. Woot.

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