Eggs and smoked salmon.

Walked out of the house with Isaac to send him to school. Midway remembered I left my work laptop at home!

Rushed home and now 15 mins late for work. Ok la not too bad. Considering it's Monday.

Tarpaued lunch today.

Nasi uduk with black pepper chicken thigh.

Ohh class is almost over.

Let's see who I can see outside.

Hey I spot daddy!!

Hi daddy!!! I'm so happy you came to pick me up from school.

Quick quick. Run out the door to get to him.

My momma made curry chicken and stir fry spinach. And that Isaac pork belly bakuteh on the side.


Feel like sleeping, but mummy duty beckons.

This Wednesday, Isaac school has a mask masquerade.

Wish me luck decorating his mask to be "macho". Hope he likes it

In process.

Daddy's love and effort. 😍

Not bad right!!!

Looks like a lion in the end!!

But never again!!

How do those girls do it?? Stick all the bling bling.

I'm looking at you here @jayelleenelial

And this is just a boy. Imagine if I have a girl!!


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