Good morning everybody!

Breakfast al fresco by the balcony filled with washed clothes from the trip. Haha.

Back at our neighborhood French cafe.

Having 3 course set.

Isaac having raisin bagel and French fries. #carbloading

He finished the whole bagel and 4/5 of the fries.

Mummy is having fish n chips because it comes with a side of chips for Isaac.

Hehhe #throwback Macau.

On the last night we went all touristy and took random pics.

I is a fallen angel. With a cute son.

Galaxy hotel in the background. And our derpy faces.

In the old Tai Pa village.

Steps going down to the village.

Us on the taipa village steps

With the Portuguese owner of the restaurant.

Super hamsup. Kept caressing my waist and giving it a squeeze. Haha.
Forgivable because he super friendly and food is nice. Speaks very good Cantonese as well.

Dragon in the city of dreams.

Our hotel on one of the nights it didn't rain.

Can u see us?

Tourist shots.

Galaxy hotel crystals.

Really pretty but couldn't capture all of it.

Hehehe I love this derpy face. Taken in the area near Sands Macau hotel.

Daddy is home!!!

And we are gonna eat teriyaki chicken don as requested by lil fler!

My gifts from U.S!

Luggage bag, wristlet, cardholder, 2 automated umbrellas and 1 naughty book!

The book is my favorite!! Hehe.

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