Breakfast in bed.

Ok I lied.

Breakfast on workbench.

Beautiful egg didn't survive the bus ride.

Lunch date for 1 today.

Crystal jade $8.80 set lunch is back.

Worth it I suppose.

My XLB and drink is here. Hungers. And bored.

La mian with shark cartilage soup.

Later gonna go porcelain throne.

Oh got chicken meat in soup. Yeay! Protein.

Lunch was sgd10.70 but I didn't think it was worth it because last month deal was even better!!! 2 full appetizers and la mian. Ok won't come back here till the other deal is back hehe.

And I'm still hungry coz couldn't tolerate the noodle anymore.

Bkt for dinner.

So we are in charge for fruit sticks for his party tomorrow.




Our first prototype.

Really down in a funk this couple of days.

Unexpected blood loss.

Jet lagged couple by traveling tiredness.

And back to work on Monday with go go go stuff to do and settle.

Just got me to be bitchy or something.

And me and my mom are sick now.

Sore throat and runny nose.

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