Mask Masquerade

My little boss, off to his school party today.

Going as the phantom of the opera. Mask still in the bag.

How? Handsome?


I'm the only mom who totally dressed up her son. #overachiever

Selfie time.

Then cried in the hall asked to be carried.

Don't wan to participate in the games. Don't want to participate in photo taking session.

Only want to go back to classroom and eat.

Only happy back at class.

Eating his fruit sticks because the rest of the snack has eggs, milk or peanut.

All that's left of the fruit sticks.

Nubbad. Quite surprised the kids ate it.

Croissants!!!! Lunch time.

Back at work with loads to do!

My eyes are closing though. Too tired but can't sleep from taking Zyrtec last night.

Fuck la.

I sat next to an aunty who coughed like mad in the bus.

Fuck la.


Comfort food at its best!

Beef stew

Close up.

My mama made it. And it's best ever.

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