Today the eggs were totally fried by the husband and he made coffee too.

And yes @xiive I ate the fun book as well.

My son ate finish the whole bowl of cha Su don minus the egg from ramen play.

Getting his hair did.

The power of Barney the purple dinosaur to keep him still.

TTC progress

Just found out that my last cycle, I experienced a luteal phase defect. 5 days after my ovulation, I had my menses.

Usually menses only will happen after 13-14 days after ovulation.

In this case, my endometrium is not suitable for implantation. If this happens for 3 cycle consecutively, I better go see a gynea ASAP.

BOOHOOOO! #cry #nobaby.

First time since I track ovulation it has happen.

Hah no wonder not so easy get pregnant.

A study showed that taking vit C can improve this.


So many problems but no exact cause.

Hrmmm. Got to do more reading.

And monitor next cycle.

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