Landed at Zurich and took the train to Basel.

I didn't get the first class tickets because it was double the price and there was no point. Me sitting on 2nd class looking into 1st class. No diff. Just an elevated platform.

Switzerland scenery.

So peaceful and calm and green.

Random stream/river also so nice.

Taken on the train towards Basel.

Rolling hills yo!!!

So peaceful!

I saw a few women farmers working their land. Very interesting.

Checked in!!

Woot. Greeting on the tv. Haha.

Woot flying off tonight for my business trip!!

I'm hoping to relax, but I doubt it because it's full days of meeting, training and plant visits.

Pray for a safe journey for me please.

Thank you…😘😘😘

Checked in, shopped (bought some make up la. Don't wan to look like aunty at the meeting) and went to the lounge.

Forgive me for being noob!!

My first time traveling business. Eat everything!!!!!

Failed artistic show off shot.

Once I land, I'll have to take a train to Basel from Zurich. First class couch, don't care…swipe only.

Carrot cake and more har cheong kai

Ok seated now!!

Taking off soon!!

See u guys in 12 hrs time. 😘

1st Mandarin Speech & Drama class.


Shy. Pls la say you all don't have this.



So you guys know how our mandarin suck right?

We decide to enroll him in drama and speech mandarin class!

Here he is, having a look at journey to the west mandarin book.

I sat in for his first trial class and I don't think it was a good idea for me to do that.

He pretend didn't hear the laushi talking to him. Anything he don't understand, straight away retreat to me.

Next week gonna just let him go by himself. He seems ok with the other kids and some song n dance he is quite interested.

So we enrolled him for the whole semester. Hopefully he can carry out conversational mandarin soon.

Towards the end, they had a little bit of play time. The teacher did give them a little snack, but I told her he can't have any egg or dairy cos he has "mingan" (allergy in mandarin??? Help me out guys).

Cos when I say allergy she went 😦 don't understand what I say lols.

A mossie bit him on the cheeks I think, that's y developed some welts.

Anyway tarpaued back lunch cos Isaac was too sleepy.

Nasi Padang FTW. Cos we melayu like that.

Continuation of #buybuybuy!

Influenced by @strawbee I went la senza! All this for only sgd49! Worth it I say!!!

In the afternoon, after buying my support system, we went to this relatively new place called Sacha & co.

Ordered a Reuben pastrami sandwich. Nice ah!!! Love the pickle on the side and the sauerkraut with melted Swiss cheddar on pastrami is love.

But erm after that not good for tummy la.

Hubs loved it too.

Kinda like a New York deli place.

Looking at tripadvisor on Basel & Zurich.

Since it's my second time there, thought of doing something different but nothing much!


Grilled salmon and zucchini noodles.

Portion control. Hehe.

Grilled them head!!!

Very well supported now, thank you!!!

@Eviee πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Also got myself an auntie swimsuit, because I cannot bikini liow.

Halter neck style so this auntie still looks abit "hip" la.

Also got myself some basics from Zara.

Black fringe halter top, fake leather shorts, 2 working office lady blouse and t-shirt!

Yes I actually bought a t shirt. I realize I need to run after a toddler, so this will do.

Good morning bacon, eggs and greens!

Presentation fail, but awesome packed lunch.

Roast lamb rack, raw spinach and roasted veg

Lamb rack quite fatty. But meat is medium well done.

Very happy.

Pumpkin soup and asparagus wrapped in beef slices. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Good morning!!

Blueberry paleo waffles for breakfast.

Went to The Sushi Bar at ngee ann city for a dinner catch up with an old friend.

Scallop mentaiko for starters.

Had aburi chirashi don.

Was good! A lot of sashimi and the slices were thick. Tasty rice too.

And soft shell crab aburi salmon roll.

Clearly we over ordered for 2 people.

Wasn't cheap too this joint.

We were early so there was no queue but I wouldn't queue for 1 hr plus for this. It's good and if there is no queue then I'll go for it. And order less haha.

Know her since I was 15! Different high school in Malaysia and now both of us in Singapore. Woot!

Breakfast!! The usual egg, bacon and avocado.


Red tide literally bleeding me dry.

So ….tired…. But need to go PT. suspect I might feel better after working out.

We celebrated someone's early birthday today, and yet, all of us got a gift card.

We threatened not to go out with her anymore for fear of receiving more gifts! Haha.

Alakazam!!!!! Fish is gutted, sliced and fried.

I like this loads. I like the boy behind too.

Look at the beef!

And the cute legs. Hehe.

Us. I look like the matriarch of the family.

Ok la. I'm mamasan. Hahaha.

It was a good meet up although a short 1 hr.

Thanks for the company @ilovehoneystars @dreamalittlecraft

And happy birthday in advance @strawbee


Tried something new today.

Char siew, siew yoke and onsen egg donburi.

#cctv #stalkermomseries

Someone very good mood. Giving the helper a hug for reading to him.

Then putting his head on her shoulder.

Snake or not. Two face. Haha.

Received the #dayrehappykidsmail parcel today from @sumikojoy

She got him a gift and for me a little note book as well.

@sumikojoy thank you for the thoughtful note as well.

No luck this month, so next month maybe tiok!

@sumikojoy thank you from Isaac!

You totally nailed him. He is sooo happy to receive this!


And when it rains, it pours

Limited edition Garrett popcorns!

Had an impromptu curry dinner with @hotcakes and @strawbee

Our generous host today also gave us this. And wouldn't let us pay for dinner!

Happy Father's Day!

@luftsichel as you lay there snoring on Isaac's bed and using his superman comforter, I want to let you know that I've couldn't have been the mother I am without your suppork and understanding.

Yes my mother will say I'm dam lucky to have such a hands on father to Isaac while busy juggling a full time hectic job. Yes I think my mother loves her son in law more than she loves her daughter but this is not about me. Haha.

So happy Father's Day for the 3rd time! Nothing special planned tomorrow.

Good night!!!

We are back here because the lil fler insisted on the red chicken rice at united square.

So here we are. Glad he's better and back to his demanding self.

Fellow crunchy eaters unite!

@xiive @choopeechu

Someone also had some chewy plain naan.

Ate about 3/4 of it without any major incident. Had some redness on the side of his mouth and his lips did swell although he did not complain of plain. So continue to eat la.

Photo also blurry because he gets irritated if I take too much photos.

He said he is a doctor and does the "dup dup, dup dup" sound.

Bah next time you grow up don't be a doctor ok? Or a pharmacist. Maybe performing artist or architect. Something different la.


It's good because I actually had not so interrupted sleep.

Bacon, eggs and home made guacamole.

It's 9.30am and I've not given him paracetamol and has substitute his promethazine with Zyrtec. I don't want him to kong during lunch.

Will give promethazine after lunch.


Yup much betta unker @xiive

Playing with @strawbee car. Hahaha he so cute keeps saying aunty strawbee is my friend.

Kept him occupied with a hand me down wooden train set. Mish mash of ikea and other brands.

He's really ill today although thermometer only registers 37.8 degrees.

Gonna bring him to the peads later.

Spike to 39 degrees in 10 mins

Took a taxi to rush here cos he looked really ill.

And loooo and behold…. Once we reach kkh

So happy!! Dafuq. Don't look like how he was 10 mins ago!

Xray taken and also blood. No cries.

Nurse gave him 10mls of syrup paracetamol and he just slurped it happily. What sorcery is this??

Prick his finger also still zombified watching cartoons.

"See see take blood, no issue man, take la" said the mini boss

At 5.30 pm he suddenly become very lethargic and just laid there.

I ask if anywhere pain, luckily he said no pain. I think he just tired.

Anyway first time I'm seeing him like that and I'm frighten!

Fever was 38.8c suddenly. At 5pm was normal n he just came to me "mummy, mummy" and in 15 mins like that. Scary for me.

Gave him another dose of paracetamol, hopefully he feels better after nap. Open up his shirt to cool him down.


Broke my shoes, got a spare shoe and the tip of spare shoe heels came off.

So here I am in a taxi home!

I think I win u @calistallicious cos replacement shoe also broke. Haha.

Salad for dinner.

Grilled lamb tenderloin on spinach with raspberry and apple.

It's 9.30am and Isaac is still asleep

He usually gets up at 6.30am on weekdays and 7.30am on weekends.

Oh Lordy. The fever is doing him real bad.

38.5β€’ and counting.

Mummy is none the better. This bug caught from the travels is very potent.

Good news is he woke up with a good appetite, drank his meds and now play time.

Still cheerful and that's great.

Feeling a bit depressed with all this medicine taking. I don't feel better. Infact, I think I'm getting worse. My snort is turning green now. πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”« kill me now.


But I still feel bad. Maybe I'll just go work first and see how bad it gets.

Lols! I'm a yellow person with a mix of red.

Means I'm all about fun but I can be a little assertive as well.

At a insight workshop at my workplace.

Dinner today.


OMG my head is so stuffy.

I cNt concentrate at all. 😴😴😴

Thank you @hansumboi for passing me the nail art stamp!

Now no excuse to jazz up my nails.

If only I had a daughter, I'm so gonna paint her nails every week. Haha.

So kind of him to give me this even though he doesn't have to. He says to thank me for helping his gf get job? But I never hire her leh. Hehe. I "tan tiuk" *correct hokkien ah?*

Thank you again @hansumboi and to your gf too!

Allergy flare again. Budget fine dining

American breakfast at kitchenette. My fav place.

Some angmoh giving the server a hard time. Eat already then not paying for it! Wtf!!!

Earlier today after brunch, went to watch some extreme sport challenge in velocity, and out of no where, welts appeared on his cheeks and inner elbow crease.

No idea what set it off. #allergychild

He was fine when we left kitchenette. Must be the seats/steps near the velocity basketball.

Oh you know, just some poor people's fine dining.

My portion of steam lobster and fettuccine "carbonara".


Tried to eat it in a more cultured way but cannot la.

Must use teeth to bite it in the end to get the flesh out.

Satisfying and affordable dine in dinner tonight.


Breakfast for the sick.

Smoked turkey, avocado and cup of joes.

Took MC. I can't breath because I've a massive cold. Nose is block throat is painful with a chesty cough.

Sick people's meal!

Beef stew and spinach for dinner.

Good morning!

"Did you miss me?" Said the bacon, eggs and avocado.

Simple dinner tonight.

Clams and steam cauliflower

My little mango eater at the dinner table. He is #35months1week today.

Still having a bit of a cough but generally ok. I know old wives tale is that if kid is coughing, no mango. Hehe. Just half a fruit this round.

Brunei Day 2

I miss this fella la.

Good thing is fever has gone down.

I think he vomited out all his phlegm last night.

Visit the private hospital today that was previously built for the sultan for his personal use. But he gave it up to his people after that.

Hence you will find…

Horses stable right next to the hospital!!!

First time in my life!!!

Next to hospital. That's like health warning on a lot of levels?

Horses horses everywhere.

Hi horse.

I cannot brain this. So took a lot of photo of horses. Hahah.

Brunei theme park. Which looks closed today.

It used to be free but now they charge a fee and only on certain days they are open. Hence the lack of local who would visit the place.

So funny though I found it.

Brunei Day 1

I'm at the airport and left this dude who is nursing a fever of 39 degrees.

But #cctv #stalkermomseries he looks ok.

Saw the daddy going off to work too and kissing him good bye.

Alright, I'm trying to muster up some enthusiasm this morning.

I shall go forth and do my Brunei business development plan and see all drs and see all pharmacist.

Checked in at 12pm

Room is clean n cosy.



SIL sent me an update video of him.
Still having fever of 38.8 but otherwise naughty and active. 😘😍

Fruitful day today.

Manage to dig out some thoughts from the key therapeutic expert.

Gave his pretty useful insights on his prescribing habits and the disease landscape of Bruneians.

I thank him for his time and helping me learn the landscape and habits of Brunei and he ask me "what did u learn form me?" Haha so cute. I guess he wasn't used to people thanking him for his time.

Overall it was a good dinner meeting!
He was challenging when I ask direct questions but once u got him talking, he does let on

Crucial information which was what I was looking for.

Wohoo. I think I can be a sales person la. Haha. Because I'm thick skin enough to face rejection and to steer and lead the conversation in a way to get information that didn't seem like I was digging for info!


Good afternoon!

Nuah day today. Both me and hubs woke up quite late. He at 10.30am and me at nearly 11.00am.
Isaac much earlier and he went out the room by himself to terrorize his grandma.

Pleasantly surprised to see my helper back from the Philippines when I woke up!

Wohooo!! At least there's no headache on that part. @strawbee @hotcakes helper is back!!!

Went cafe hopping at 12pm.

Buffalo chicken wings at Little Part 1 Cafe at jasmine road. It's off upper thomson road.

All the food quite yummy la.

Only able to explore because SIL is down and she drove in from Malaysia. So we have a car.

Mussels in lemony sauce. Was ok.

SIL Irish stew! This was good!! Beef was very tender.

Husbands chicken waffles!!

This was seriously seriously seriously good!!!

Will come back here again for this!! Waffle was fluffy with natural sweetness of maple syrup topped with fried chicken and white sauce. I don't know what the sauce is, but it's so good. I had 2-3 bites before gluten guilt settled in. Couldn't resist.

MIL Louis style crepes. This was very tasty too.

Overall food here is more than good!

Bonus is that it's not crowded and they have artisanal beer.

Now back home nuaing trying to nap Isaac.

Of course procrastinating on important stuff.

Got to pack for my work trip to Brunei tomorrow.

No chance to visit you la @cikumuffin and in that sense @xiive and @choopeechu

I thought of renting a car to drive down but it looks kinda too hectic.

Otw to square 2 after dinner just now.

All packed, and well not exactly excited.

Pray for a safe flight for me please. Thank you thank you thank you.

Flared again. Not sure of the cause.

At the doctors now because someone was coughing real bad last night.

Woke me up so many times.

Had lunch at domes after his review.

Force fed him some cough mixture. Refused.



He flared again!!

I'm not sure it's from the medication (which is just dextrometrophan) or something we ate transferred to him.

Face all red and neck itching and scratching.

Went to mother care to look at toothpaste (bought something that says gel…brain cannot comprehend already). And gave him Zyrtec.

Still red. But raring to play in the playground opposite MotherCare paragon

Mother father grandmother almost dying of fright, Isaac don't have a care in the world.

Life goes on ok, allergic reaction or not.

In the end we bought this toothpaste gel for him.

Because it says gel. So errrr hope it's not the white paste kind but the gel kind?

No other choice left. The others were white paste kind.


It is me la he flared from!!!!

I must have some contaminant on my top probably from the pan seared chicken sauce. Some dairy+egg based sauce.

Just now he woke up from nap and wanted some GuuGaa so let him GuuGaa a little bit.

Straight away his face become red with tiny bumps coming up.

So I fasterly go and change my top and showered.

Good thing is, it's not the medication!!

Bad thing is, he still so sensitive to his food allergen. #cannotwin

Simple dinner today.

Lettuce, teriyaki wings, stir fry celery with mystery meat (all the leftover meat we have in the fridge) and teriyaki salmon.

The kikkoman teriyaki marinade makes everything taste so good man. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

And Isaac has no reaction to the new toothpaste gel we got him!!!
One step at a time. Small victory.
Next is to get him to properly brush his teeth.

I LOVE MEAT πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼😈😈😈

Look who came to visit me for lunch!!!

Teriyaki chicken don,

You don't….

Stand a chance!!!

Dinner situation today.

Red wine.
Pan seared Grass fed tenderloin.
Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon.
Red wine reduction sauce with whole grain mustard.

Dr chef made the Brussel sprouts. Taste was good but texture was not so good. That's what you get for using frozen sprouts. Reminder to only use fresh sprouts.


Post dinner snack of mangoes. But only for him.

Beef Burritos by chef Puah. Isaac is #35months today

Breakfast made my mil.

Husband has clinic, so no time to cook.

Father and son morning debriefing.

10am snack time.

Thanks @onefiveo for the supplies. Hehe

Lunch aldesko.

Tarpau sushi from cold storage.

What's new.

Message the father to inquire about them. Received no response.

So #cctv #stalkermomseries

And whadda u know. Both KO. Haha.

And today we have the husband cooking tex mex food for dinner.


Burritos by the husband.

*applause* πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

His burritos with wrap.

Very proud of his yummy burritos.

This is mine, minus the gluten.

It is very yummy! Not bad for a first try!!

Good job!!!!

Made after dinner blackcurrant smoothie for myself because they had red wine and I can't alcohol.

1 cup frozen blackcurrant, 1 ripe banana and 1 big squeeze of honey blend with 1 cup water.

Today he is #35months and seriously I wonder what happen to that sweet little quiet boy.

So head strong now and also very angsty. Wants things his way only.

On the bright side, able to pee and poo by himself now. But screams if asked to go to toilet outside of home. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Throwing some tantrum.

Don't want to go sleep. Why?

Because had his afternoon nap from 1-4.30pm

Very good!! How is he going to sleep now?

Netball SEA Games. SIN VS MAS

Last night, manage to round up a few colleagues to go watch our drug safety officer compete in the SEA games! She's in the national netball team.

It was at the Singapore sports hub OCBC arena.

This place is huge. First time here, so we were kind off late to her game by 10mins.

It was Singapore vs Malaysia and when we went in, it was 7 SIN vs 4 MAS.

Wahhh. Close fight. Very kancheong.

Singapore was leading until the 2nd quarter.

And then I think they got tired.

And they pulled out their super mega tall defender.

And once Malaysia shooter caught the ball, her shoot and score is 100%.

So whenever the ball gets to her, Singapore supporters will go..ahhhh!!! Because they knew it would be a score.

In the end, the match tied 35:35.

All the excitement was invigorating.

We were actually wondering why our colleague didn't play against Malaysia.

News already reported she is a 100% shooter.

Oh well. Maybe only bring her out during the finals. Haha.

Had dinner with @calistallicious and @onefiveo at our fav French cafe.

Wanted to pass them some stuff from Macau.

But instead we got a free meal!!! Thanks ah. My tummy very happy now!

Pictured here is pan roasted grilled chicken with crumbled blue cheese and mushroom.

We got gifts too!!

I'm assuming the chips are for me ah? Ehhehe. Thanks alot.

Now gonna try to put the monster to sleep.

Gooo Mornin everybadiiii!!

Eggs, teriyaki wings and coffee.

All made by my husband. 😍😍😍😍

So cute la they all today.

Playing with Lego

Mil made teriyaki chicken maki for him.

Happily using his chopstick trainer and plate with Thomas the engine.

@choopeechu @xiive can be chopstick and Thomas the train buddies with paddy!

MIL had to make the maki quickly!!! She couldn't make it as fast as he was eating it! Haha.

#cctv #stalkerseriesmom

Then he went batshit crazy because mil gave him strawberries. Can't see clearly here but he is flapping his hands and swinging his legs furiously!

My bento lunch today. Tarpau from gwc downstairs.

Pentatonix concert

Today's concert #wristgame and accessories.

They were so cute yesterday.

Father and son selfie at taka toilet. Haha

First time at The Star Theatre.

Very nice.

This pretzel dam delicious.

Gonna eat him later tonight.


#dayrehamsupclub #president

Post concert look.

We really really enjoyed the show even though I had no idea who they are but husband was all "fan girl" clapping shouting and singing along.

I was highly entertained.

Now, food please!

Hunger appeased.

Now taking cab back home for desserts.

Hahahahaha. #imsureyouknowwhatimean