Gooo Mornin everybadiiii!!

Eggs, teriyaki wings and coffee.

All made by my husband. 😍😍😍😍

So cute la they all today.

Playing with Lego

Mil made teriyaki chicken maki for him.

Happily using his chopstick trainer and plate with Thomas the engine.

@choopeechu @xiive can be chopstick and Thomas the train buddies with paddy!

MIL had to make the maki quickly!!! She couldn't make it as fast as he was eating it! Haha.

#cctv #stalkerseriesmom

Then he went batshit crazy because mil gave him strawberries. Can't see clearly here but he is flapping his hands and swinging his legs furiously!

My bento lunch today. Tarpau from gwc downstairs.

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