Netball SEA Games. SIN VS MAS

Last night, manage to round up a few colleagues to go watch our drug safety officer compete in the SEA games! She's in the national netball team.

It was at the Singapore sports hub OCBC arena.

This place is huge. First time here, so we were kind off late to her game by 10mins.

It was Singapore vs Malaysia and when we went in, it was 7 SIN vs 4 MAS.

Wahhh. Close fight. Very kancheong.

Singapore was leading until the 2nd quarter.

And then I think they got tired.

And they pulled out their super mega tall defender.

And once Malaysia shooter caught the ball, her shoot and score is 100%.

So whenever the ball gets to her, Singapore supporters will go..ahhhh!!! Because they knew it would be a score.

In the end, the match tied 35:35.

All the excitement was invigorating.

We were actually wondering why our colleague didn't play against Malaysia.

News already reported she is a 100% shooter.

Oh well. Maybe only bring her out during the finals. Haha.

Had dinner with @calistallicious and @onefiveo at our fav French cafe.

Wanted to pass them some stuff from Macau.

But instead we got a free meal!!! Thanks ah. My tummy very happy now!

Pictured here is pan roasted grilled chicken with crumbled blue cheese and mushroom.

We got gifts too!!

I'm assuming the chips are for me ah? Ehhehe. Thanks alot.

Now gonna try to put the monster to sleep.

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