Flared again. Not sure of the cause.

At the doctors now because someone was coughing real bad last night.

Woke me up so many times.

Had lunch at domes after his review.

Force fed him some cough mixture. Refused.



He flared again!!

I'm not sure it's from the medication (which is just dextrometrophan) or something we ate transferred to him.

Face all red and neck itching and scratching.

Went to mother care to look at toothpaste (bought something that says gel…brain cannot comprehend already). And gave him Zyrtec.

Still red. But raring to play in the playground opposite MotherCare paragon

Mother father grandmother almost dying of fright, Isaac don't have a care in the world.

Life goes on ok, allergic reaction or not.

In the end we bought this toothpaste gel for him.

Because it says gel. So errrr hope it's not the white paste kind but the gel kind?

No other choice left. The others were white paste kind.


It is me la he flared from!!!!

I must have some contaminant on my top probably from the pan seared chicken sauce. Some dairy+egg based sauce.

Just now he woke up from nap and wanted some GuuGaa so let him GuuGaa a little bit.

Straight away his face become red with tiny bumps coming up.

So I fasterly go and change my top and showered.

Good thing is, it's not the medication!!

Bad thing is, he still so sensitive to his food allergen. #cannotwin

Simple dinner today.

Lettuce, teriyaki wings, stir fry celery with mystery meat (all the leftover meat we have in the fridge) and teriyaki salmon.

The kikkoman teriyaki marinade makes everything taste so good man. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

And Isaac has no reaction to the new toothpaste gel we got him!!!
One step at a time. Small victory.
Next is to get him to properly brush his teeth.

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