Good afternoon!

Nuah day today. Both me and hubs woke up quite late. He at 10.30am and me at nearly 11.00am.
Isaac much earlier and he went out the room by himself to terrorize his grandma.

Pleasantly surprised to see my helper back from the Philippines when I woke up!

Wohooo!! At least there's no headache on that part. @strawbee @hotcakes helper is back!!!

Went cafe hopping at 12pm.

Buffalo chicken wings at Little Part 1 Cafe at jasmine road. It's off upper thomson road.

All the food quite yummy la.

Only able to explore because SIL is down and she drove in from Malaysia. So we have a car.

Mussels in lemony sauce. Was ok.

SIL Irish stew! This was good!! Beef was very tender.

Husbands chicken waffles!!

This was seriously seriously seriously good!!!

Will come back here again for this!! Waffle was fluffy with natural sweetness of maple syrup topped with fried chicken and white sauce. I don't know what the sauce is, but it's so good. I had 2-3 bites before gluten guilt settled in. Couldn't resist.

MIL Louis style crepes. This was very tasty too.

Overall food here is more than good!

Bonus is that it's not crowded and they have artisanal beer.

Now back home nuaing trying to nap Isaac.

Of course procrastinating on important stuff.

Got to pack for my work trip to Brunei tomorrow.

No chance to visit you la @cikumuffin and in that sense @xiive and @choopeechu

I thought of renting a car to drive down but it looks kinda too hectic.

Otw to square 2 after dinner just now.

All packed, and well not exactly excited.

Pray for a safe flight for me please. Thank you thank you thank you.

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