Brunei Day 1

I'm at the airport and left this dude who is nursing a fever of 39 degrees.

But #cctv #stalkermomseries he looks ok.

Saw the daddy going off to work too and kissing him good bye.

Alright, I'm trying to muster up some enthusiasm this morning.

I shall go forth and do my Brunei business development plan and see all drs and see all pharmacist.

Checked in at 12pm

Room is clean n cosy.



SIL sent me an update video of him.
Still having fever of 38.8 but otherwise naughty and active. 😘😍

Fruitful day today.

Manage to dig out some thoughts from the key therapeutic expert.

Gave his pretty useful insights on his prescribing habits and the disease landscape of Bruneians.

I thank him for his time and helping me learn the landscape and habits of Brunei and he ask me "what did u learn form me?" Haha so cute. I guess he wasn't used to people thanking him for his time.

Overall it was a good dinner meeting!
He was challenging when I ask direct questions but once u got him talking, he does let on

Crucial information which was what I was looking for.

Wohoo. I think I can be a sales person la. Haha. Because I'm thick skin enough to face rejection and to steer and lead the conversation in a way to get information that didn't seem like I was digging for info!


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