But I still feel bad. Maybe I'll just go work first and see how bad it gets.

Lols! I'm a yellow person with a mix of red.

Means I'm all about fun but I can be a little assertive as well.

At a insight workshop at my workplace.

Dinner today.


OMG my head is so stuffy.

I cNt concentrate at all. 😴😴😴

Thank you @hansumboi for passing me the nail art stamp!

Now no excuse to jazz up my nails.

If only I had a daughter, I'm so gonna paint her nails every week. Haha.

So kind of him to give me this even though he doesn't have to. He says to thank me for helping his gf get job? But I never hire her leh. Hehe. I "tan tiuk" *correct hokkien ah?*

Thank you again @hansumboi and to your gf too!

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