He's really ill today although thermometer only registers 37.8 degrees.

Gonna bring him to the peads later.

Spike to 39 degrees in 10 mins

Took a taxi to rush here cos he looked really ill.

And loooo and behold…. Once we reach kkh

So happy!! Dafuq. Don't look like how he was 10 mins ago!

Xray taken and also blood. No cries.

Nurse gave him 10mls of syrup paracetamol and he just slurped it happily. What sorcery is this??

Prick his finger also still zombified watching cartoons.

"See see take blood, no issue man, take la" said the mini boss

At 5.30 pm he suddenly become very lethargic and just laid there.

I ask if anywhere pain, luckily he said no pain. I think he just tired.

Anyway first time I'm seeing him like that and I'm frighten!

Fever was 38.8c suddenly. At 5pm was normal n he just came to me "mummy, mummy" and in 15 mins like that. Scary for me.

Gave him another dose of paracetamol, hopefully he feels better after nap. Open up his shirt to cool him down.

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