Happy Father's Day!

@luftsichel as you lay there snoring on Isaac's bed and using his superman comforter, I want to let you know that I've couldn't have been the mother I am without your suppork and understanding.

Yes my mother will say I'm dam lucky to have such a hands on father to Isaac while busy juggling a full time hectic job. Yes I think my mother loves her son in law more than she loves her daughter but this is not about me. Haha.

So happy Father's Day for the 3rd time! Nothing special planned tomorrow.

Good night!!!

We are back here because the lil fler insisted on the red chicken rice at united square.

So here we are. Glad he's better and back to his demanding self.

Fellow crunchy eaters unite!

@xiive @choopeechu

Someone also had some chewy plain naan.

Ate about 3/4 of it without any major incident. Had some redness on the side of his mouth and his lips did swell although he did not complain of plain. So continue to eat la.

Photo also blurry because he gets irritated if I take too much photos.

He said he is a doctor and does the "dup dup, dup dup" sound.

Bah next time you grow up don't be a doctor ok? Or a pharmacist. Maybe performing artist or architect. Something different la.

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