Breakfast!! The usual egg, bacon and avocado.


Red tide literally bleeding me dry.

So ….tired…. But need to go PT. suspect I might feel better after working out.

We celebrated someone's early birthday today, and yet, all of us got a gift card.

We threatened not to go out with her anymore for fear of receiving more gifts! Haha.

Alakazam!!!!! Fish is gutted, sliced and fried.

I like this loads. I like the boy behind too.

Look at the beef!

And the cute legs. Hehe.

Us. I look like the matriarch of the family.

Ok la. I'm mamasan. Hahaha.

It was a good meet up although a short 1 hr.

Thanks for the company @ilovehoneystars @dreamalittlecraft

And happy birthday in advance @strawbee

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