1st Mandarin Speech & Drama class.


Shy. Pls la say you all don't have this.



So you guys know how our mandarin suck right?

We decide to enroll him in drama and speech mandarin class!

Here he is, having a look at journey to the west mandarin book.

I sat in for his first trial class and I don't think it was a good idea for me to do that.

He pretend didn't hear the laushi talking to him. Anything he don't understand, straight away retreat to me.

Next week gonna just let him go by himself. He seems ok with the other kids and some song n dance he is quite interested.

So we enrolled him for the whole semester. Hopefully he can carry out conversational mandarin soon.

Towards the end, they had a little bit of play time. The teacher did give them a little snack, but I told her he can't have any egg or dairy cos he has "mingan" (allergy in mandarin??? Help me out guys).

Cos when I say allergy she went 😦 don't understand what I say lols.

A mossie bit him on the cheeks I think, that's y developed some welts.

Anyway tarpaued back lunch cos Isaac was too sleepy.

Nasi Padang FTW. Cos we melayu like that.

Continuation of #buybuybuy!

Influenced by @strawbee I went la senza! All this for only sgd49! Worth it I say!!!

In the afternoon, after buying my support system, we went to this relatively new place called Sacha & co.

Ordered a Reuben pastrami sandwich. Nice ah!!! Love the pickle on the side and the sauerkraut with melted Swiss cheddar on pastrami is love.

But erm after that not good for tummy la.

Hubs loved it too.

Kinda like a New York deli place.

Looking at tripadvisor on Basel & Zurich.

Since it's my second time there, thought of doing something different but nothing much!

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