Turkey fingers and fried egg.

Shoot woke up late. Super late


I know some of you will recognize this shoe. Hehe.

No la not that high!

Meeting lunch bento set.

Pork katsu, chicken karage and shrimp katsu I think.

So dam full!!

Dinner time of mustard chicken thighs, caulirice and salad.

Turkey tenders and spinach, cherry tomato and bacon omelette.

#leftoverlunch sautΓ© shrimps and veg with simple salad.

Steak and 'sparagus dinner!

Sooo I walked into a maternity shop in United sq. need to survey some clothes in case I get preggy this month or next month right. Plus Isaac was sitting in the carousel train thingamajig-put-coin-to-move.

Over enthusiastic lady was speaking to me in mandarin, but I understand the gist of what she's trying to say.

πŸ‘©πŸ»: so miss, how far along now are you??

πŸ’ƒπŸ»*mumble something incoherent cos haven't tiok yet

πŸ‘©πŸ»: oh 2nd child ah? *then proceeds to bend down n look at my tummy*.

πŸ’ƒπŸ»: yes 2nd child.

πŸ‘©πŸ»: oh ya lo. 2nd child can see very fast one!!!! You are about 4 months now right??
Yea your tummy is out. Over your shorts already. Yea u definitely need to buy our maternity shorts.

πŸ’ƒπŸ» *proceeds to walk out of shop*

Dinner for breakfast? Haha.

Leftover steak, egg and butterhead lettuce.

Turkey fingers (as oppose to chicken) with home made "tomato" ketchup and simple salad.


Omg how do marketing ppl do their plans.

Ok fine, they have the whole year to prepare for it.

I've less than 3 months.

And I've 2 plans to do.

1 brand plan done though. And they clap hand for me after I presented and said thank you πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ for doing the plan for them.

It's like 😁😁😁😍😍😍 and then wtf πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ why did I have to do it. Haha.

It's ok. I step up and JUST DO IT. And what I learn is how to smoke ppl n sell my story.

Breakfast of home made Apple sausage. No casing. Hehe.

Dinner tonight!

Cauli rice and shrimp stir fry


With half a leftover pork chop.

Good morning bacon and eggs. Hehe


Roasted lemon herb chicken and simple salad.

Oh my Lord!!! I just left work!!!!

Had dinner with my colleagues first time ever.

Sambal sotong and sweet sour pork.

Also had oyster omelette.

3 of us shared 4 dishes. So full now.

But it was really nice to eat dinner with them. Both the other two are Malaysian as well. Their family is not here with them. Quite heart warming la to eat together.

Then we adjourned back to our office and work sumore till 9pm.

This time of the year is really busy for us!!

And on the home front, someone was throwing a BIG fuss with the daddy.

They had a show down because someone refuse to brush his teeth. And scolded his father for sleeping on "mummy's" bed. Haha.

So when I got home at 9.59pm and went to our bedroom, the first thing he said was

πŸ˜‡:"Mummy I need to sleep with you"

πŸ’ƒπŸ»:Why need to sleep with me?

πŸ˜‡:Because I miss you.


Ate too much chips and chocolates. Feel sick now. Yuck.

Excited for our date. Hehe.

Ahhhhh kuih raya yo!!!! Isaac can't have anything hehe

It's not raya open house until the radioactive chips comes out to play!

Sambal prawn, rendang livers the bomb! And fried chicken. U always got to have fried chicken.

This is too too cute!!!

Kids getting excited about life!! 😍😍😍

@hotcakes @dreamalittlecraft


Brother, I'll take care of you ok?

Sister, you too. Hehe

And splash off!!!

Land swimming. 😍😍😍

Kick harder brah, faster!!

Poor boy.

Woke up at 7.30am. Played, eat breakfast. Showered. Came back into the room and passed out.

Must be the fitful sleep last night coughing and all.

Failed #flatlay

Breakfast of egg, bacon and avocado with black joes.

Indian chicken rice set.

After walk smoothie!

Blended banana, frozen black berries and a cup of coconut water.

Abit sour but refreshing.

Dinner time!

Baked wings and zoodles

Trying to #portioncontrol


Bacon, egg and zucchini pancake.

Went to work an hour and the half late because Isaac is nursing a fever.

He woke us up making kitten sounds about 2.45am, all hot and burning up.

As usual when he came to his "senses" he told me "mummy, I want coconut water. Go take for me, now!"

Celaka punya budak! But he was having a fever and no I did not take coconut water for him. Only plain water. Haha.

Continued being whiny so daddy made him drink some paracetamol.

We all slept back at 3.15am. Abit zombie.

Texas chicken!!

I mean, I went to gym yesterday now didn't I?

It's 7.30pm

Screw logging in 10k steps everyday.

Because I've got a marketing plan to bang out for this Monday. And I've barely started.

Note: I am NOT a commercial person. I am a medical person and coming up with a marketing plan is not in my job scope.

But I said OK because I'm up to new challenges but I'm grasping at straw here!!

I need to present on Monday and I'm just at the market overview. I've not come up with a strategy. I'm fucked!

Interning for marketing

Yes I did get the intern position in marketing, but that was for another project. Luckily my part for this business development plan is to come up with the medical plan and that I was the supporting role in fact finding for this project. Not so heavy shit. This business plan is sort of done in my head but not in actually presentation.

Hardiharhar….. Mati la.

No extra pay one okay.

Luckily the interim GM found me at my desk so late and ask what am I doing here.

I told him about this marketing plan and he was kind of shock and said "wow, this must be quite a new challenge for you"

And I couldn't disagree. Cos I'm wtf-ing with myself here.

But you know what? It's too late to say no and by God I got to do it by Monday.

Sorry husband and Isaac cannot layan too much this weekend. Maybe next weekend can. Haha.

Wah I've never been on such a pack bus before. #suaku.

Steak and salad for dinner!!!

So satisfying.

Isaac coughing like mad

He has just fallen asleep but boy does his cough sound very chesty.

Only coughed badly when he's in the room. Maybe the cold air from the aircond is irritating his airways.

Hopefully fever don't come up at night.

Good morning.

Breakfast same as yesterday but with avo.

Oh woke up body aching. Must be from all that 10k walking. I'm. So unfit.

Omg! Tried climbing up 4 flights of step to office. Still panting now!!!

Lunch date with my buddy at ichiban boshi.

Our company has a buddy system where we partner up with a newcomer and take them out for lunch. So today is our 2nd lunch together. Company also gave sgd50 budget for food throughout the "buddy" period.

We had coffee too after that.

You cannot spend more than what you earn

πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ dam right!!!

Our CEO has certainly got his perspective right!


Post gym dinner!!

Pork chop, steam broccoli and sesame zoodle salad!

Aiyerrr went to gym also cannot hit 10k. Super disappointed.

Guess I need to climb more stairs tomorrow. 😭😭😭

Still hungry! Eat some guava first.

What I earned from today's session!!!

I rike!!

My eyes hurt

Good morning!

Zucchini pancake and bacon this morning.

I'm gonna tell u a story about a bus passenger.

She's always alway always in this short skirt. Always in a skirt. Sometimes it may be 1 inch longer.

But every single day…

When we climb the overhead bridge….

She will show me what colour granny panties she is wearing. Not only that, I can see the butt cheeks being squeezed out through the panties. I cry. 😭😭

I understand that it's hot. You feel comfortable in short skirt.

You are also amazing wearing such high stilettos every single day on a moving bus. Salute you.

I know that the skirt may not be that short, but it got lifted up by your ample behind and got flapped up by your walking motion.

I have no point to this story, other than to say my eyes hurt. Real bad. And it's not only me that get hurts. We have old uncle and aunty as well as young impressionable school kids behind you.


Asparagus wrapped in pork belly slices, grilled steak and roasted red beet root.

My teeth hurts!!! It's unrelated to the eye incident above.

It's now feeling the pain from the surgery post 9 days!!! Dam angry with my jaw/dry socket pain la.

Why now only pain!!

I think it's the empty socket exposure to food, bacteria and what not. Wanna have it sewn shut again.

Simple roast chicken for dinner today.

Portion control.

Before demolition.

Note to self, when hungry, do not go and read @gameofscones dayre!!

Stomach growling like mad now.

@onefiveo I manage to hit11k!!

I walk down 3 flights of stairs at my office and brought Isaac to the park to achieve this!!

Must…actually…walk. 😭

Oh, I also went to Zara to errrr look at clothes. Hahah

Pizza frittata for breakfast today.

Was at the dentist to remove my wisdom tooth stitches.

Wound is healing nicely. The odd part now is that once it's all done, I'm feeling the sensitivity now. Maybe because the wound is expose now vs it being closed by the stitches.

I totally recommend you guys to go to Dr Lim Tse Chiun at Thomson Dental Center at Novena Specialist Center level 7!

Leftover steak n simple salad for lunch!


I realize at work, I'll never be able to achieve 10k steps.

Heck, even 5k also cannot!!

So I'm gonna start with taking the stairs. 1 flight a day just to see how much I can achieve. And walk the mall during lunch. Because I pack lunch to work, I don't even leave my office for lunch. That's quite bad.

But nvm, gotta change some habits to be a little more fit.


Dinner tonight is asparagus wrapped in pork belly slice with baked red beet roots.

#portioncontol plate.

Saw this pic on Instagram.

At first glance I was like, wahhh where did my hubs go and selfie sumore.

Then I realize it's hugh jackman.

Er does that mean I think too highly of him? Or that all smiley men look like him. Hubs does have mutton chops like wolverine. Hahha

Worst sleep ever! Only 3 hrs plus.

I went to sleep at 10 pm plus and woke up at nearly 6 but it clocked in only that! πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Also woke up cos need to gluten out stuff.

Usual breakfast.

Beef stew and simple salad.


Spotted. 2 goats at Zion road. No idea why they are there.

Dinner tonight.

Grilled steak on bed of onions and bell peppers.

Trying to #portioncontrol

The bakkwa addict insist on eating bakkwa at 8.30pm.

Whilst face timing grandma @maryannsee he offered them some and started feeding grandma through the screen. Haahha. So cute. But he had the sense to say "but you are over in Malaysia, cannot give you"

Smart boy ah.

We be rollin!!! Don't go trolling!!!

Dim sum brunch with the lovely dollies!!

The usual suspect. We also ordered half a Peking duck which was very yums. Had some desserts too.

Hubbah hubbah…hot and flowy and meaty

Took a slow walk around orchard road after our heavy brunch. Isaac scored a free blue balloon.

Hot hot. N with big tummy.

Yeap, even with aircon jeans, still can't counter the heat.

But we are back home and Isaac's taking his nap. Hopefully it doesn't rain so we can go to botanical gardens this evening.

Isaac's favorite chicken rice for dinner!

EAT EAT day.

Gooood God!!!

I had even worse sleep than yesterday!!!

Garhhh. Haha.

Good morning everybody. I've not had any coffee yet.

Just dropped Isaac for his mandarin class!!!

Having my 2nd cup of black joes. Iced this time.

Hooooo yeahhh!!

#fitbum fail!!

Awesome day!!

We went cafe hopping today!!!

With a mysterious person. And totally enjoyed a catching up session.

Had nitro brew coffee again at chye seng huat hardware.

We took a bus back and picked Isaac up for the next leg of adventure.

Walked from our place near square 2 to balestier ah hood road for dinner!!

To eat at Fix grill!!

This was our starters to share. Crab cake on grape and olive salad. It's so yums!

My mains of waffle and fried chicken!!

This is good too. Husband had chicken tandoori naanwhich but I forgot to take a picture.

And shared desserts!!

Donuts with salted egg dip!! It's da bomb!!

It's a halal place too!!!!

But someone stole someone's heart tonight!!!

Isaac was suddenly so taken with this jie jie that he held her hands whilst walking back home.

And was sooooo chatty.

We drop by wangs cafe for coffee and suddenly he said "thank you mummy (and daddy after some prompting) for taking me out tonight" and proceeded to hug us.

So sweet suddenly!!! I think he was really happy to be out and spoken to like an adult. 😍😍😍

@calistallicious @onefiveo you all can really really be jealous la.

Because when we said our good byes Isaac suddenly went and hug her!!! Not only that, gave her a kiss on the cheeks too!!!

N he kept talking to her lots lots ahhhhh!!! Something I've never seen before too!!

@Eviee I heard she did her magic on spawn 2!!! She really magic la!!! Isaac was sooooo different around her.

Wahh. That's some shitty sleep man. Wohoo.

Beef hash with egg nest and black joes.

Need them joes after that bad sleep. Haha.

Playdoh time!!

I think boys just like getting messy stuff.

And I'll just buy blue Playdoh refills la. Cos I OCD and I can't stand the colours mixing.

My boy and I at lunch today! 😍

A way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. 😍😍😍

Thanks ah @Eviee

Hahah we hung out at velocity before dinner.

Went in cotton on n tried out their hats! Who wore it better??

Dinner tonight is buffalo shrimp on lettuce cups with jicama fries.

And our mains tonight!!

Leftover rib eye steak n roast potatoes.

Wohoo!! Just got invited to my first ever challenge!!!



Avocado, bacon and egg.

Good morning. Back to work.

Lunch on the desk.


Squid and simple salad.

Beef stew for dinner today!!

This arrived by courier today!!

Thank you @strawbee received in one piece.

Now got to read up about it and how to use. Haha.

Breakfast of beef hash, egg and avocado.

My legs, his legs and a book.

We've been this way since 8.15am. It's now 9.30am.

Rawrrr. Both having hot tummy syndrome too.

Dam you sambal sotong!

Cave, and ate at soup spoon. Got the half and half soup set.

Beef goulash and Simon and garfunkel chicken soup.

Spinning dad around the playground.

Dinner of lamb chop and salad.

I do feel better after having some meat in my diet. I cannot soup and liquid. I felt so grumpy after lunch today.

Hipster paktor day

Goood day!!

I took my mc today just to rest up, not talk too much as I realize talking and chewing makes my jaw sore.

Had my leftover herbal soup for brunch today.

Woke Isaac up at 6.50am, let him get ready for school and waved him off. Then I went back to sleep. Hehe. Bliss.

Avocado coffee!

Hipster until cannot!

Karang guni exterior.

Beef cheek tagliatelle.


Duck confit for the post-op girl. Hahha

Pop painkiller n chew.

At another hipster cafe now.

Those who like their brewed coffee, you can be assured of the quality and care put to your cup! So meticulous ah!

Ahhhh black velvet.

My kind of Guinness. Haha

It's cold brewed coffee.

So smooth!! 😍😍

And vanilla ice cream sandwich. It's for..Errrr….the husband.

Picked up a brochure that interest me very much from the hipster coffee joint.

Browsed through and got me excited!

Pattern making and sewing for tops and skirts.

Courses are every Saturday 10am – 1pm from August til December at $sgd 1,400.

But I think I know how to sew, maybe a more value added tips and tricks to learn there.

Followed by this!!

Draping for fashion design!!!

Learn to drape n create silhouettes!!!

Courses start from November till February twice a week. Thursday after work 7pm and Saturdays at 10am.

24 classes for $1600!!

Woot. Seriously interested in this!

Then I can see for my future baby girls or Isaac's gf their prom dresses, play dresses, costumes etc!!!

Any mummies interested to join me? Haha.

@dreamalittlecraft @hotcakes @growingwiththetans
And fashion retailer @strawbee?

Really feel like signing up to learn these useful skills!

Wooo. Head out for dinner near selegie road.

Bus stop right in front of the lasalle fash school. It's a sign that I need to sign up for the courses!

We are here for this!!

Nasi lemak kukus!!!

I had begedil, ayam masak merah and beef paru paru!!

Omg it's one of the better Nasi lemak I had in a while! The rice is steamed, hence its in a loose grain that falls like snow la. Haha.

Husband had sambal sotong and mutton rendang.

I love his sotong. It's so soft and nice. Their sweet sambal sauce is good too!

Will come back again!

@strawbee have you tried? It's really Yums.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Good meowing!!

Usual turkey legs and eggs.

We are home today, husband is off and I have a wisdom tooth extraction this am. Eat all first. Later, it's all smoothies and soup for me.

My view from where I'm sitting!!

What's the possibility of me going to work.

Ooh they called me in already at 9.30am. Wish me luck.

5 mins post wisdom tooth op.

Should I go back work now??

Time check 10.20am.

Actually I find her wound looks very clean.


Arrived office at 11.00 am and prophylacticly pop 1 tab of 4mg dexamethasone and 1 tab of120mg arcoxia.

Left for lunch at 12.00pm. Round of introduction with our new MD and acting GM and some short introduction of our roles and our challenges.

Had quite a yummy lunch of cod teriyaki with some sashimi and Alaskan crab meat chawan mushi.

At about 2pm I felt some pain coming.

Quickly pop 4 tablets of seriopeptidase (Danzen) to reduce the inflammation.

Pain came about when I put on my Invisalign after the lunch!!

Had some issue to settle at work after lunch meet up with out new medical director.

Hence I'm only leaving now at 3.30pm!!

Feeling a bit hungry from the combo of pain and maybe the realization I didn't eat that much in lunch?

Going to join hubby to get some food…preferably something soupy.

Rendezvous with husband for some soup n coffee.

Time is 3.45pm.

Got la pain abit already!! I think got some swelling also @choopeechu CC: @xiive

Ahhh never taste so good. Dunno y so hungry.

The Process

Went into the operating room at 9.30am.

Asked dentist if I could possible go back to work today, she told me its up to individual pain threshold. Did not push her on it and will see how it goes. Expected the worse.

Had some discussion on the removal process, signed the consent form (it is after all a surgical procedure), expected side effect etcetc. Off I went for an X-ray.

First, they lay sterile cloth on the back of my head, chest and another cloth wrapped over my eyes.

Yup, you read that right! It's like a turban, but over my eyes. Luckily makeup didn't smear ah! Haha.

She then proceeded to inject local anesthetic on the gums. Took less than 5 mins for the full effect of the LA.

She then told me she's now doing an incision on the gums to further "view" the tooth. And then, she proceeds to saw through my teeth to break them apart for easy removal.

My tooth was in a perpendicular position to the other teeth, so there is no way of just plucking it out.

The 😱😱😱 part.

I felt a little tugging (as expected) on the surgical side. She informed me that she will be clipping/cutting the teeth for easy removal.

So she was clipping and sawing intermittently.

I was bracing myself for the last hard yank and pull, but it didn't happen.

Conversation between me n her whilst the above was happening (one-sided la cos my mouth was occupied)
πŸ‘©πŸ»(dentist): Wah your teeth is pretty hard huh….*clip clip clip*
πŸ’ƒπŸ»(me): oh hehe *thinks to myself maybe my all meat diet

Helped in strengthening the teeth*

πŸ‘©πŸ»: Wah u got 3 roots, your case pretty complex ah. This may take a while.
πŸ’ƒπŸ»: *oh shit expecting the worse*

πŸ‘©πŸ»: oohhh quite difficult. Today your case is the most difficult in 2 months I've encountered!
πŸ’ƒπŸ»:fml laaaa

πŸ‘©πŸ»: your case is my top 20 most difficult in my career!!
πŸ’ƒπŸ»: nervous laughter….*sure later I will be comatose already la from pain*

Then I was still waiting for the excruciating pain from the final tug to release the tooth…

But it didn't come!!!

In fact she promptly told me
πŸ‘©πŸ»: Ok we are done!!!!

Wahhh. Then she made some stitching and told me to come back in 1 week to remove it. Undid the turban covering my eyes and gargled.

Said my thank you and my byes, took a selfie and posted as the above πŸ‘†πŸΌ. Paid for my painkillers, collected my MC and out the door I went.

It was OK! Much much better than I anticipated. During the whole process only felt some pressure from the clipping, but that's about it!!

Transcript: I want to see J******e Jiejie

@Eviee can show to her so her heart still in 1 piece.

Helper adhocly made herbal chicken soup for me.

Cos I told her I can't chew. Not bad.

And so jealous!!! The husband had steak n frites. Sobs.



It's blueeeeeee!!!

So happy that it finally turned blue.

The glow stick was initially red, then pink, then purple and finally blue!!!

Thanks to Jubireee jiejie 😍😍😍 and the mama for buying it.

Attention all mamas, united square toys r us is having a baby fair starting 14 July.

Come n #buybuybuy saw clothes and strollers etc. lots of toys too.

Lovely meet up!

On his best behavior!!!

@hotcakes don't wan to ruin his future prospects.

I went out with 3 paper bags of gift, and came back with 5-6 bags!!


Thank you all the jie jies and aunty for his belated birthday gifts!!

@jennyyong @onefiveo @calistallicious @strawbee @hotcakes @Eviee

From one aunty to another aunty. Both quite hot… Hahah.

Thank you ah @Eviee like CNY meeting the in laws like that.

Guess who spoil all of us again!

CC: @strawbee

And a beautiful bauble earring from @jennyyong who we all came together to meet up with!

Thank you so much in taking time out of your busy schedule to meet up with us.

Batman thank you for this figurine n journal too!

@calistallicious how did u manage to catch such a handsome picture of him? Playing with his train set that you got for him. 😍😍

Pulling funny faces.

Otw back in the mrt. Within 5 mins of hopping on, he passed out.

Too much excitement from playing with @Eviee number 1. Isaac loves older jie jies. Haha.

All of us. 😍

The sexiest is the donut…but too bad….you can't see her face. Hehe.

Up from his nap, and it's hot wheels time!! I think the father was more excited about it than the son. Thanks again @hotcakes

@onefiveo correct ah??? Confirm less eye bags after this? Lols.

@onefiveo ahhahahaha omg!!! It's actually more puffy than before.

Laugh die us when batman saw.

No need fillers for eyebags like the Korean craze to look cuter.

Just dropped Isaac off for his mandarin class

And boy is it packed here in united square!!

I was walking around looking for a place to have breakfast. Prata place is packed, toastbox no seats too.

Went level below and mcd is pack, and so is cedele.

Ok lo…settled on bakerzin where there is hardly anyone. Understand why, it's not that affordable vs toastbox only 3-5 bucks for coffee and toast!

It's alright….enjoying my quiet time.

Last night when we got back from our date, Isaac already slept.

So when we finally got into bed to sleep, he woke up and asked to be nursed (as usual la, boob addict).

He scoot to me and tried to nurse, then the smell hit him! "Mummy! You so smelly!!!"

Ahaha both me and the husband laughed. Isaac then pushed me away and turn his head away from me. I tried to kiss and hug him but he grumpily ask me go away n slept with his head turn 180 degrees from me.

So funny this boy.

Lamb rendang!! Woot.

Isaac at mandarin class today. Peep into the classroom n took a snap.

The laushi said he actually spoke a few mandarin words n told her to look here in mandarin. That was a welcomed surprise.

We decided to brave the Ramadan crowd and get our tummy filled with yummy food of the bazaars. Just like back when we were in Malaysia.

I was looking specifically for this. Ayam percik! Been lusting for it for a few days.

Glad I found it.

Came back home and feasted.

Dendeng, Ayam percik, fried chicken gizzard and ramly beef burger.

To be honest, the only awesome tasting is the fried chicken gizzard. Ramly I had 2-3 bites and couldn't stomach it. Passed the rest to the husband. Ayam percik was good but not great mouthgasm type.

Overall good experience. Would I go everyday? Nahhh too far for me. Crowd was a bit mad at 5pm and the heat was suffocating. Not child friendly.

Then we spend the quiet evening coloring with Isaac.
Thanks @strawbee for the coloring book!!

Durian decadence

Dressed up a little today, because I have an after work date night!

Tummy still not 100%.

So tarpau black chicken herbal soup with yam rice for lunch!

Soup is yum ah.

Hello everybody!! It's date night for me.

Lay anyhow. Round 1, 3 mausangwang and 1 D24.

Put some muscles into it.

Slowly coax the shy one out of its shell.

And that's how you get the nub out.

And enjoy the fruits of your labour.

My date doesn't care bout how I look.

He is happy that I'm happy to see him. He is happy when he goes smoothly down the hatch. He is happy when he fills my mouth with his creamy goodness. He is happy when I'm fully satisfied.

And that's why I do not have an #ootd taken. We are just happy indulging in each other's pleasure. Moments too precious to document and take pictures of.







After the pinnacle of the first round was reached, we were still not satisfied.

So again, we explored each other in depth. This time to give a different dimension to our tastebuds, 2 D24 were chosen.

"How do you like my D24's?" I ask coyly..,

He couldn't resist it….he had to reach out…to feel me beneath his index…

They were beckoning to him like a call of siren…


The end oh my short pseudo-erotica story.

I love my durians.

Smoked turkey leg all sliced up and fried egg for breakfast.

Woke up relatively early today without a fuss. Isaac too, he went out of the bedroom looking for his dad who was out jogging.

Back to eating this.

Char siew with onsen egg.

#tidakhalal #babibest

Grilled stuffed squid and sautΓ© mushroom for dinner!!

Zoom shot. Portion control.

Post dinner snack.

Someone's in trouble!

Beaming from ear to ear!!

Thank you auntie @strawbee for the gift!

See the face.

Smile until no neck. Hahha

He studied the cars for quite a while la!

Now his playing with it and having conversations with it. OMG.

I'm hungry

Sign that my tummy is ok? Feel like durian. Can you believe since the season started, I've not had a single durian!!

Nvm. That will change this Friday.


Zucchini pancakes and bacon this monii

Wet wet wet. Came here without Isaac and batman. Isaac today just cannot!

I had a great dinner tonight. And received loads of gifts. You can view the dinner at @onefiveo @strawbee @calistallicious dayre. I was busy eating to take any pictures. And all of them had a gift for Isaac's birthday!! Can't thank them enough.

I met a new friend today too @annisthenewpink thanks for the cake!!!!

Attempt at normalcy…spinach omelette and turkey meat.

Another soupy dinner tonight for the healing tummy.

Oxtail soup with corn and cabbage Filipinos style.

I think it's called bulalu or something similar sounding.

@onefiveo manage to find a pic on my friends Facebook of the "fish". This is how it looks like once it's rolled up.

Whilst it's in use! See the floating fish bag that we are hugging?

The river on the side is about 4m deep? In the middle where ships pass through, it may be as deep as 15 meters?

Ehehe us after making it back to the banks!! Current was not that mild but swimable.

This is not a regular gluten poisoning. I've been purging from the back since on the airplane from Switzerland.

Last night was terrible. I was kept awake with burning sensation in my tummy. It was radiating upwards and general a sourish pain.

Took charcoal, buscopan and famotidine to help the symptom. Still couldn't sleep till nearly 4am.

I just woke up at 12.30pm. But I think I'll go 😴😴😴😴 again.


Chicken soup for the (sick) soul.

Basel and Beach

Gooo moniii!!!

Gonna eat some of these for breakfast whilst waiting for the hubs to finish his ward rounds.

@zeenoda is this the macarons that you recommended??

WoopS!! The Luxemburgerli did not travel well!!

Oh well, at least it's edible.

Throwback Basel

The hotel is in a very industrialized area of Pratteln. Waiting for my tram to old town Basel.

The tram stop is in one of the pockets of residential area.

#selfie on the tram tracks because I was there and did not Google some random pics to put on my dayre. Haha. Y everything must disclaimer now.

Stop by a nice cafe to have my first lunch.

Did the angmoh thing and sat outside. Big mistake cos it was freaking hot! I'm "orh orh" now because sunburn.

Everywhere there are smokers. Smoking their slims and cigars.

You would fit right in here @xiive

After lunch, walked around the city. Same shit…different year…same day! Hahah.

The red townhall at marketplatz

The old "old" town called altstadt. Yup, I think some of you saw it too last year on my dayre.

Things don't change much over here. Not like in Singapore, every few months you'll see a new eatery at a new place. Or a new shop.

Took a walk around. I do love the old looking buildings.

Does not look it, but the sun was scorching like mad, bought a drink and sat on the banks of Rhine river. Chill out a little bit…but after 15 mins I couldn't stand the heat and walked off.

But it's beautiful, so it deserves a 2nd picture hehe.

It was a gluten fest here. Couldn't find just meat meat dishes. Mostly are rostis with cream based meat.

Having sliced veal in cream sauce and potato rosti.

Took a walk around the residential area. Saw a house with beautiful garden. So Enid blython-ish although Enid is English right?

Up close of the flowers. As close without being called out as a crazy Asian in people's lawn!

On another day, we had a social night on the river Rhine.

Took a boat ride whilst we had ice breaking games on the boat.

Boat ride which then took us to our restaurant for dinner.

Look at all the people sunbathing at 8.00pm!!! This was right across our restaurant.

On the 3rd day, we went and visit our manufacturing plant in Kaiseraugst. It's nearly 30 years old the plant, but it's technology is state of the art.

The robotics are more than 20 years old, but I don't see newer manufacturing plants having all this! It's fully automatic at that time and it is still currently one of the most modern plant in the world.

Record book from May 1954. Handwriting so neat! You can see where it is supplying some of the stocks. Bangkok and Afghanistan!!

Some of the old drugs from almost a century ago.

Newer sterile products including a single injection device.

Hrmmm can't tell from here, but it's a 35 meter drop from where I was standing. Storage holding area of another warehouse.

Alright, works over, time for some fun!!!

Basking in the sun!

Swimming in the Rhine with some flotation device which also acts as your clothes carrier.

Just stuff all your clothes in the fish bag, fold the opening 7 times and it will automatically inflate with the air that was trapped. It will keep your clothes dry and you don't have to return to your spot to retrieve your belongings.

Having fun without my husband. Haha.

Drying off in the sun after our swim.

That's Tom our colleague from Aussie.

Catching the sun set

Posing with the sun because obviously I have to do it! Behing me is my global head of quality (only his butt present), Bulgaria and Croatia colleagues.

On the 4th day, we made our way to the river Rhine again for another round of swimming. Should maximize my time here. I don't know when I'll get back here again.

We walked further down the start of the river to swim the most distance into the town.

Walked past very nice old houses. Some build back 1899 and older!

Walked pass our global headquarters in Basel. There is no signage, although it's the tallest building in Switzerland.


But everyone knows it belongs to them.

Right at the starting point of our swim!

The sun was blazing hot, but the water is cold!!!!

Hehhee excited to be going for my swim!

Dogs are also welcome in the water!

Also, I double bagged my phone in a ziplock bag just in case!

After our swim, we went looking for dinner.

Walked through the streets of the town. Luckily we had our quality head acting as our tour guide. He is a true blue Swiss guy!! It's very rare to have someone from Switzerland working in Switzerland. He was even born on the outskirts of Basel.

Also, Europeans are not very friendly in the sense that they will not go out of the way to show you around their town, but he was an exception.

Ended up in a gorgeous restaurant under canopy of trees. It's in a middle of a courtyard of apartments.


After swim, before dinner drinks!

Having a pint of Basel brewed beer.

I had sirloin steak and frites.

First meat dish after my 4th day here!

Fairy lights more obvious later towards the night.

It's as blur as how i see it after the beer. Haha

Small fountain with vines too.

The Swiss are hardy people!! Saw a man carrying metal sheets and supplies up his back. So strong ah!!!

Otw to lunch and saw a beautiful church. But it's not being used as a church now.

End of Basel.

Last year when I came to Basel for a meeting, i didn't like it at all. I thought it had no soul and it was too cold.

But this year, I met a lot of friendly Swiss people and other colleagues globally. They were such a fun bunch!!

The sunny weather made a lot of things possible too like swimming in the Rhine and just strolling along the streets. It was very cold last year and the river had very strong undercurrents.

My view of Basel changed and I don't mind living and working here.

Hi, we are in east coast park now.

Playing with the waves.

Hehehe I'm standing on sand.

Thought he would say it's dirty and not play in it. But he liked it and wanted to go into the water too. Too bad we didn't bring his swim gear.

First time I'm eating here.

Very pack but manage to get a seat.

So happy to see him finishing his chicken rice again. Yup he finished everything and ask for more. 😱😱

Part of dinner: oyster omelette, fried carrot cake, fried kuey teow, sambal sting ray.

Not pictured satay and chicken wings.

Happy 3rd Birthday Isaac! Finally you can eat your cake!

Just landed and was bombarded with pictures of Isaac's cake!!

I'm so proud of the cake he made for our son. I'm so touched that he wanted to make a cake so that Isaac knows how it feels like to have his cake and eat it!

I just fell all over in love with him again.

Happy birthday Isaac!!!!!

Enjoy your birthday and your childhood!!

It's gonna be awesome, We will make sure of it!

Argh OMG in exhausted!

I've checked in and my flight it's in 3 hrs time!!

Wish me a safe flight everybody!!!!

Can't wait to see Isaac! And batman too of course.

Sunburnt in Switzerland!!

Philippine, Thailand and Singapore colleague.

Looking at all the pictures I've taken on my phone, it's more like a holiday than a workshop!