@onefiveo manage to find a pic on my friends Facebook of the "fish". This is how it looks like once it's rolled up.

Whilst it's in use! See the floating fish bag that we are hugging?

The river on the side is about 4m deep? In the middle where ships pass through, it may be as deep as 15 meters?

Ehehe us after making it back to the banks!! Current was not that mild but swimable.

This is not a regular gluten poisoning. I've been purging from the back since on the airplane from Switzerland.

Last night was terrible. I was kept awake with burning sensation in my tummy. It was radiating upwards and general a sourish pain.

Took charcoal, buscopan and famotidine to help the symptom. Still couldn't sleep till nearly 4am.

I just woke up at 12.30pm. But I think I'll go 😴😴😴😴 again.


Chicken soup for the (sick) soul.

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