Basel and Beach

Gooo moniii!!!

Gonna eat some of these for breakfast whilst waiting for the hubs to finish his ward rounds.

@zeenoda is this the macarons that you recommended??

WoopS!! The Luxemburgerli did not travel well!!

Oh well, at least it's edible.

Throwback Basel

The hotel is in a very industrialized area of Pratteln. Waiting for my tram to old town Basel.

The tram stop is in one of the pockets of residential area.

#selfie on the tram tracks because I was there and did not Google some random pics to put on my dayre. Haha. Y everything must disclaimer now.

Stop by a nice cafe to have my first lunch.

Did the angmoh thing and sat outside. Big mistake cos it was freaking hot! I'm "orh orh" now because sunburn.

Everywhere there are smokers. Smoking their slims and cigars.

You would fit right in here @xiive

After lunch, walked around the city. Same shit…different year…same day! Hahah.

The red townhall at marketplatz

The old "old" town called altstadt. Yup, I think some of you saw it too last year on my dayre.

Things don't change much over here. Not like in Singapore, every few months you'll see a new eatery at a new place. Or a new shop.

Took a walk around. I do love the old looking buildings.

Does not look it, but the sun was scorching like mad, bought a drink and sat on the banks of Rhine river. Chill out a little bit…but after 15 mins I couldn't stand the heat and walked off.

But it's beautiful, so it deserves a 2nd picture hehe.

It was a gluten fest here. Couldn't find just meat meat dishes. Mostly are rostis with cream based meat.

Having sliced veal in cream sauce and potato rosti.

Took a walk around the residential area. Saw a house with beautiful garden. So Enid blython-ish although Enid is English right?

Up close of the flowers. As close without being called out as a crazy Asian in people's lawn!

On another day, we had a social night on the river Rhine.

Took a boat ride whilst we had ice breaking games on the boat.

Boat ride which then took us to our restaurant for dinner.

Look at all the people sunbathing at 8.00pm!!! This was right across our restaurant.

On the 3rd day, we went and visit our manufacturing plant in Kaiseraugst. It's nearly 30 years old the plant, but it's technology is state of the art.

The robotics are more than 20 years old, but I don't see newer manufacturing plants having all this! It's fully automatic at that time and it is still currently one of the most modern plant in the world.

Record book from May 1954. Handwriting so neat! You can see where it is supplying some of the stocks. Bangkok and Afghanistan!!

Some of the old drugs from almost a century ago.

Newer sterile products including a single injection device.

Hrmmm can't tell from here, but it's a 35 meter drop from where I was standing. Storage holding area of another warehouse.

Alright, works over, time for some fun!!!

Basking in the sun!

Swimming in the Rhine with some flotation device which also acts as your clothes carrier.

Just stuff all your clothes in the fish bag, fold the opening 7 times and it will automatically inflate with the air that was trapped. It will keep your clothes dry and you don't have to return to your spot to retrieve your belongings.

Having fun without my husband. Haha.

Drying off in the sun after our swim.

That's Tom our colleague from Aussie.

Catching the sun set

Posing with the sun because obviously I have to do it! Behing me is my global head of quality (only his butt present), Bulgaria and Croatia colleagues.

On the 4th day, we made our way to the river Rhine again for another round of swimming. Should maximize my time here. I don't know when I'll get back here again.

We walked further down the start of the river to swim the most distance into the town.

Walked past very nice old houses. Some build back 1899 and older!

Walked pass our global headquarters in Basel. There is no signage, although it's the tallest building in Switzerland.


But everyone knows it belongs to them.

Right at the starting point of our swim!

The sun was blazing hot, but the water is cold!!!!

Hehhee excited to be going for my swim!

Dogs are also welcome in the water!

Also, I double bagged my phone in a ziplock bag just in case!

After our swim, we went looking for dinner.

Walked through the streets of the town. Luckily we had our quality head acting as our tour guide. He is a true blue Swiss guy!! It's very rare to have someone from Switzerland working in Switzerland. He was even born on the outskirts of Basel.

Also, Europeans are not very friendly in the sense that they will not go out of the way to show you around their town, but he was an exception.

Ended up in a gorgeous restaurant under canopy of trees. It's in a middle of a courtyard of apartments.


After swim, before dinner drinks!

Having a pint of Basel brewed beer.

I had sirloin steak and frites.

First meat dish after my 4th day here!

Fairy lights more obvious later towards the night.

It's as blur as how i see it after the beer. Haha

Small fountain with vines too.

The Swiss are hardy people!! Saw a man carrying metal sheets and supplies up his back. So strong ah!!!

Otw to lunch and saw a beautiful church. But it's not being used as a church now.

End of Basel.

Last year when I came to Basel for a meeting, i didn't like it at all. I thought it had no soul and it was too cold.

But this year, I met a lot of friendly Swiss people and other colleagues globally. They were such a fun bunch!!

The sunny weather made a lot of things possible too like swimming in the Rhine and just strolling along the streets. It was very cold last year and the river had very strong undercurrents.

My view of Basel changed and I don't mind living and working here.

Hi, we are in east coast park now.

Playing with the waves.

Hehehe I'm standing on sand.

Thought he would say it's dirty and not play in it. But he liked it and wanted to go into the water too. Too bad we didn't bring his swim gear.

First time I'm eating here.

Very pack but manage to get a seat.

So happy to see him finishing his chicken rice again. Yup he finished everything and ask for more. 😱😱

Part of dinner: oyster omelette, fried carrot cake, fried kuey teow, sambal sting ray.

Not pictured satay and chicken wings.

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