Durian decadence

Dressed up a little today, because I have an after work date night!

Tummy still not 100%.

So tarpau black chicken herbal soup with yam rice for lunch!

Soup is yum ah.

Hello everybody!! It's date night for me.

Lay anyhow. Round 1, 3 mausangwang and 1 D24.

Put some muscles into it.

Slowly coax the shy one out of its shell.

And that's how you get the nub out.

And enjoy the fruits of your labour.

My date doesn't care bout how I look.

He is happy that I'm happy to see him. He is happy when he goes smoothly down the hatch. He is happy when he fills my mouth with his creamy goodness. He is happy when I'm fully satisfied.

And that's why I do not have an #ootd taken. We are just happy indulging in each other's pleasure. Moments too precious to document and take pictures of.







After the pinnacle of the first round was reached, we were still not satisfied.

So again, we explored each other in depth. This time to give a different dimension to our tastebuds, 2 D24 were chosen.

"How do you like my D24's?" I ask coyly..,

He couldn't resist it….he had to reach out…to feel me beneath his index…

They were beckoning to him like a call of siren…


The end oh my short pseudo-erotica story.

I love my durians.

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