Just dropped Isaac off for his mandarin class

And boy is it packed here in united square!!

I was walking around looking for a place to have breakfast. Prata place is packed, toastbox no seats too.

Went level below and mcd is pack, and so is cedele.

Ok lo…settled on bakerzin where there is hardly anyone. Understand why, it's not that affordable vs toastbox only 3-5 bucks for coffee and toast!

It's alright….enjoying my quiet time.

Last night when we got back from our date, Isaac already slept.

So when we finally got into bed to sleep, he woke up and asked to be nursed (as usual la, boob addict).

He scoot to me and tried to nurse, then the smell hit him! "Mummy! You so smelly!!!"

Ahaha both me and the husband laughed. Isaac then pushed me away and turn his head away from me. I tried to kiss and hug him but he grumpily ask me go away n slept with his head turn 180 degrees from me.

So funny this boy.

Lamb rendang!! Woot.

Isaac at mandarin class today. Peep into the classroom n took a snap.

The laushi said he actually spoke a few mandarin words n told her to look here in mandarin. That was a welcomed surprise.

We decided to brave the Ramadan crowd and get our tummy filled with yummy food of the bazaars. Just like back when we were in Malaysia.

I was looking specifically for this. Ayam percik! Been lusting for it for a few days.

Glad I found it.

Came back home and feasted.

Dendeng, Ayam percik, fried chicken gizzard and ramly beef burger.

To be honest, the only awesome tasting is the fried chicken gizzard. Ramly I had 2-3 bites and couldn't stomach it. Passed the rest to the husband. Ayam percik was good but not great mouthgasm type.

Overall good experience. Would I go everyday? Nahhh too far for me. Crowd was a bit mad at 5pm and the heat was suffocating. Not child friendly.

Then we spend the quiet evening coloring with Isaac.
Thanks @strawbee for the coloring book!!

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