Lovely meet up!

On his best behavior!!!

@hotcakes don't wan to ruin his future prospects.

I went out with 3 paper bags of gift, and came back with 5-6 bags!!


Thank you all the jie jies and aunty for his belated birthday gifts!!

@jennyyong @onefiveo @calistallicious @strawbee @hotcakes @Eviee

From one aunty to another aunty. Both quite hot… Hahah.

Thank you ah @Eviee like CNY meeting the in laws like that.

Guess who spoil all of us again!

CC: @strawbee

And a beautiful bauble earring from @jennyyong who we all came together to meet up with!

Thank you so much in taking time out of your busy schedule to meet up with us.

Batman thank you for this figurine n journal too!

@calistallicious how did u manage to catch such a handsome picture of him? Playing with his train set that you got for him. 😍😍

Pulling funny faces.

Otw back in the mrt. Within 5 mins of hopping on, he passed out.

Too much excitement from playing with @Eviee number 1. Isaac loves older jie jies. Haha.

All of us. 😍

The sexiest is the donut…but too bad….you can't see her face. Hehe.

Up from his nap, and it's hot wheels time!! I think the father was more excited about it than the son. Thanks again @hotcakes

@onefiveo correct ah??? Confirm less eye bags after this? Lols.

@onefiveo ahhahahaha omg!!! It's actually more puffy than before.

Laugh die us when batman saw.

No need fillers for eyebags like the Korean craze to look cuter.

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