Hipster paktor day

Goood day!!

I took my mc today just to rest up, not talk too much as I realize talking and chewing makes my jaw sore.

Had my leftover herbal soup for brunch today.

Woke Isaac up at 6.50am, let him get ready for school and waved him off. Then I went back to sleep. Hehe. Bliss.

Avocado coffee!

Hipster until cannot!

Karang guni exterior.

Beef cheek tagliatelle.


Duck confit for the post-op girl. Hahha

Pop painkiller n chew.

At another hipster cafe now.

Those who like their brewed coffee, you can be assured of the quality and care put to your cup! So meticulous ah!

Ahhhh black velvet.

My kind of Guinness. Haha

It's cold brewed coffee.

So smooth!! 😍😍

And vanilla ice cream sandwich. It's for..Errrr….the husband.

Picked up a brochure that interest me very much from the hipster coffee joint.

Browsed through and got me excited!

Pattern making and sewing for tops and skirts.

Courses are every Saturday 10am – 1pm from August til December at $sgd 1,400.

But I think I know how to sew, maybe a more value added tips and tricks to learn there.

Followed by this!!

Draping for fashion design!!!

Learn to drape n create silhouettes!!!

Courses start from November till February twice a week. Thursday after work 7pm and Saturdays at 10am.

24 classes for $1600!!

Woot. Seriously interested in this!

Then I can see for my future baby girls or Isaac's gf their prom dresses, play dresses, costumes etc!!!

Any mummies interested to join me? Haha.

@dreamalittlecraft @hotcakes @growingwiththetans
And fashion retailer @strawbee?

Really feel like signing up to learn these useful skills!

Wooo. Head out for dinner near selegie road.

Bus stop right in front of the lasalle fash school. It's a sign that I need to sign up for the courses!

We are here for this!!

Nasi lemak kukus!!!

I had begedil, ayam masak merah and beef paru paru!!

Omg it's one of the better Nasi lemak I had in a while! The rice is steamed, hence its in a loose grain that falls like snow la. Haha.

Husband had sambal sotong and mutton rendang.

I love his sotong. It's so soft and nice. Their sweet sambal sauce is good too!

Will come back again!

@strawbee have you tried? It's really Yums.

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