Wahh. That's some shitty sleep man. Wohoo.

Beef hash with egg nest and black joes.

Need them joes after that bad sleep. Haha.

Playdoh time!!

I think boys just like getting messy stuff.

And I'll just buy blue Playdoh refills la. Cos I OCD and I can't stand the colours mixing.

My boy and I at lunch today! 😍

A way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. 😍😍😍

Thanks ah @Eviee

Hahah we hung out at velocity before dinner.

Went in cotton on n tried out their hats! Who wore it better??

Dinner tonight is buffalo shrimp on lettuce cups with jicama fries.

And our mains tonight!!

Leftover rib eye steak n roast potatoes.

Wohoo!! Just got invited to my first ever challenge!!!



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