EAT EAT day.

Gooood God!!!

I had even worse sleep than yesterday!!!

Garhhh. Haha.

Good morning everybody. I've not had any coffee yet.

Just dropped Isaac for his mandarin class!!!

Having my 2nd cup of black joes. Iced this time.

Hooooo yeahhh!!

#fitbum fail!!

Awesome day!!

We went cafe hopping today!!!

With a mysterious person. And totally enjoyed a catching up session.

Had nitro brew coffee again at chye seng huat hardware.

We took a bus back and picked Isaac up for the next leg of adventure.

Walked from our place near square 2 to balestier ah hood road for dinner!!

To eat at Fix grill!!

This was our starters to share. Crab cake on grape and olive salad. It's so yums!

My mains of waffle and fried chicken!!

This is good too. Husband had chicken tandoori naanwhich but I forgot to take a picture.

And shared desserts!!

Donuts with salted egg dip!! It's da bomb!!

It's a halal place too!!!!

But someone stole someone's heart tonight!!!

Isaac was suddenly so taken with this jie jie that he held her hands whilst walking back home.

And was sooooo chatty.

We drop by wangs cafe for coffee and suddenly he said "thank you mummy (and daddy after some prompting) for taking me out tonight" and proceeded to hug us.

So sweet suddenly!!! I think he was really happy to be out and spoken to like an adult. 😍😍😍

@calistallicious @onefiveo you all can really really be jealous la.

Because when we said our good byes Isaac suddenly went and hug her!!! Not only that, gave her a kiss on the cheeks too!!!

N he kept talking to her lots lots ahhhhh!!! Something I've never seen before too!!

@Eviee I heard she did her magic on spawn 2!!! She really magic la!!! Isaac was sooooo different around her.

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