Pizza frittata for breakfast today.

Was at the dentist to remove my wisdom tooth stitches.

Wound is healing nicely. The odd part now is that once it's all done, I'm feeling the sensitivity now. Maybe because the wound is expose now vs it being closed by the stitches.

I totally recommend you guys to go to Dr Lim Tse Chiun at Thomson Dental Center at Novena Specialist Center level 7!

Leftover steak n simple salad for lunch!


I realize at work, I'll never be able to achieve 10k steps.

Heck, even 5k also cannot!!

So I'm gonna start with taking the stairs. 1 flight a day just to see how much I can achieve. And walk the mall during lunch. Because I pack lunch to work, I don't even leave my office for lunch. That's quite bad.

But nvm, gotta change some habits to be a little more fit.


Dinner tonight is asparagus wrapped in pork belly slice with baked red beet roots.

#portioncontol plate.

Saw this pic on Instagram.

At first glance I was like, wahhh where did my hubs go and selfie sumore.

Then I realize it's hugh jackman.

Er does that mean I think too highly of him? Or that all smiley men look like him. Hubs does have mutton chops like wolverine. Hahha

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