My eyes hurt

Good morning!

Zucchini pancake and bacon this morning.

I'm gonna tell u a story about a bus passenger.

She's always alway always in this short skirt. Always in a skirt. Sometimes it may be 1 inch longer.

But every single day…

When we climb the overhead bridge….

She will show me what colour granny panties she is wearing. Not only that, I can see the butt cheeks being squeezed out through the panties. I cry. 😭😭

I understand that it's hot. You feel comfortable in short skirt.

You are also amazing wearing such high stilettos every single day on a moving bus. Salute you.

I know that the skirt may not be that short, but it got lifted up by your ample behind and got flapped up by your walking motion.

I have no point to this story, other than to say my eyes hurt. Real bad. And it's not only me that get hurts. We have old uncle and aunty as well as young impressionable school kids behind you.


Asparagus wrapped in pork belly slices, grilled steak and roasted red beet root.

My teeth hurts!!! It's unrelated to the eye incident above.

It's now feeling the pain from the surgery post 9 days!!! Dam angry with my jaw/dry socket pain la.

Why now only pain!!

I think it's the empty socket exposure to food, bacteria and what not. Wanna have it sewn shut again.

Simple roast chicken for dinner today.

Portion control.

Before demolition.

Note to self, when hungry, do not go and read @gameofscones dayre!!

Stomach growling like mad now.

@onefiveo I manage to hit11k!!

I walk down 3 flights of stairs at my office and brought Isaac to the park to achieve this!!

Must…actually…walk. 😭

Oh, I also went to Zara to errrr look at clothes. Hahah

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