Bacon, egg and zucchini pancake.

Went to work an hour and the half late because Isaac is nursing a fever.

He woke us up making kitten sounds about 2.45am, all hot and burning up.

As usual when he came to his "senses" he told me "mummy, I want coconut water. Go take for me, now!"

Celaka punya budak! But he was having a fever and no I did not take coconut water for him. Only plain water. Haha.

Continued being whiny so daddy made him drink some paracetamol.

We all slept back at 3.15am. Abit zombie.

Texas chicken!!

I mean, I went to gym yesterday now didn't I?

It's 7.30pm

Screw logging in 10k steps everyday.

Because I've got a marketing plan to bang out for this Monday. And I've barely started.

Note: I am NOT a commercial person. I am a medical person and coming up with a marketing plan is not in my job scope.

But I said OK because I'm up to new challenges but I'm grasping at straw here!!

I need to present on Monday and I'm just at the market overview. I've not come up with a strategy. I'm fucked!

Interning for marketing

Yes I did get the intern position in marketing, but that was for another project. Luckily my part for this business development plan is to come up with the medical plan and that I was the supporting role in fact finding for this project. Not so heavy shit. This business plan is sort of done in my head but not in actually presentation.

Hardiharhar….. Mati la.

No extra pay one okay.

Luckily the interim GM found me at my desk so late and ask what am I doing here.

I told him about this marketing plan and he was kind of shock and said "wow, this must be quite a new challenge for you"

And I couldn't disagree. Cos I'm wtf-ing with myself here.

But you know what? It's too late to say no and by God I got to do it by Monday.

Sorry husband and Isaac cannot layan too much this weekend. Maybe next weekend can. Haha.

Wah I've never been on such a pack bus before. #suaku.

Steak and salad for dinner!!!

So satisfying.

Isaac coughing like mad

He has just fallen asleep but boy does his cough sound very chesty.

Only coughed badly when he's in the room. Maybe the cold air from the aircond is irritating his airways.

Hopefully fever don't come up at night.

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