Good morning bacon and eggs. Hehe


Roasted lemon herb chicken and simple salad.

Oh my Lord!!! I just left work!!!!

Had dinner with my colleagues first time ever.

Sambal sotong and sweet sour pork.

Also had oyster omelette.

3 of us shared 4 dishes. So full now.

But it was really nice to eat dinner with them. Both the other two are Malaysian as well. Their family is not here with them. Quite heart warming la to eat together.

Then we adjourned back to our office and work sumore till 9pm.

This time of the year is really busy for us!!

And on the home front, someone was throwing a BIG fuss with the daddy.

They had a show down because someone refuse to brush his teeth. And scolded his father for sleeping on "mummy's" bed. Haha.

So when I got home at 9.59pm and went to our bedroom, the first thing he said was

😇:"Mummy I need to sleep with you"

💃🏻:Why need to sleep with me?

😇:Because I miss you.


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